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Mokras, Mukrat
Other Names:
Dman Mokras
A Tana or Amora buried near Yonason ben Uziel in Amuka.

Mokrat is a Tana or Amora buried near Yonasan Ben Uziel in Amuka. He is not mentioned in any sources other then Sefer Hadoraos and in Shemos Hatzadikim from Rebbe Nasson of Breslov. In one place he is called Dman Mokras.

[edit] Kever Mokrat

Although both early sources mark Kever Mokrat near Kever Yonason ben Uziel in Amuka, until recently its exact location remained unidentified. Yisroel Meir Gabbai and Ohali Tzadikim went ahead and created on Tzion right at the edge of the large external parking lot of Kever Yonatan Ben Uziel, a few meters from the street. According to their research and old maps, this location was marked by the Arabs in the past as the grave of Sheik Machmad El Agami, which is translated as 'Not from this nation', basically meaning this saint was Jewish. It was common practice amongst Muslims living in Israel to preserve the location of Kevrei Tzadikim and start referring to them as one of their own sheiks. At the exact location marked on the old map, Gabbai found a small mound of stones. Similarly the exact spot of Kever Yonason ben Uziel is refereed to on the map as the grave of Sheik Charav which translates as 'foreign man', also a reference to this saint being Jewish.

[edit] Directions

Geographic Coordinates

  • Latitude: 33.006680
  • Longitude: 35.521057

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