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Sheva Chaya Servetter
Abuhav Synagogue
גלריה שווה חיה שרבטר
Sh’ev-a Ch-ay-a
Other Names:
Dreams and Visions Gallery, Servetter Gallery
Tzfat gallery of glass blowing and paintings

Visitors to Sheva Chaya’s Dreams and Visions Gallery in Tzfat’s Artist Quarter can browse the paintings and glass-blown sculptures or sit and listen to the artist explain how her Jewish heritage inspires her work.


[edit] Background

Sheva Chaya Servetter moved to Israel from the United States in 1997. Before her move she had studied visual art and art history at Princeton University with a specialization in painting. After her “aliyah” -- immigration -- to Israel she found that the spirituality of her Jewish faith served as a deep inspiration for her artwork. She moved to Safed with her young family and founded her permanent exhibition on the edge of the Artist Quarter, across from the General Exhibition of Safed.

[edit] Inspiration

Sheva Chaya is inspired by the wisdom of Judaism, including the teachings of her Breslev Hassidic community. The stories, teachings and mystical concepts that she has learned among this group are an integral part of her art. Some of her pieces illuminate Jewish and Hassidic liturgies while others illustrate traditional Jewish life and the peaceful atmosphere of Tzfat life. Many of Sheva Chaya’s works explore the world of women including motherhood, womens’ modes of expression, friendships and the feminine spirit. Other subjects that Sheva Chaya Servetter depicts in her paintings include mystical concepts, landscapes, portraits, Hassidic men and women, the Jewish diaspora and a series entitled “Story: How Zayde Came to Eretz Yisrael.”

[edit] Techniques

Sheva Chaya Servetter employs soft vibrant colors in her paintings including many hues of blues which she employs to illustrate Jewish concepts of her paintings. She also includes Hebrew letters and kabbalistic symbols in many works. Her paintings are defined by lightness with an inner depth which she conveys in her light brushstrokes swirling colors.

[edit] Glassblowing

Sheva Chaya’s glassblowing is displayed at her gallery. The glass blown pieces includes works of Judaica such as kiddush cups, candlesticks, and Chanukah menorahs. Other pieces on exhibit are pendants, pomegranates, glass trees and cups. These pieces are multi-colored and each piece is a unique piece of artwork.

[edit] Gallery

Sheva Chaya’s gallery is located on Alorzoroff Street next to her home. She welcomes groups who can watch a glassblowing demonstration as Sheva Chaya Servetter discusses her art and the way that she connects her art to her commitment to her Jewish heritage. She also offers group presentations on other subjects including Jewish Women's Expression, Landscapes of Israel, and Hasidic Teachings.


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