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Robert Rosenberg
Robert Rosenberg
רוברט רוזנברג
Kazakhstani-Jewish artist who lives, works and exhibits in Tzfat.

Robert Rosenberg arrived from Kazakhstan in 1995 with his wife and mother-in-law. He quickly established himself as one of the new generation of Tzfat artists.


[edit] Background

Robert Rosenberg was born in Alma-Ata Kazakhstan to Russian parents who were “resettled” in the East by Soviet authorities. His talents as an artist were recognized while he was still a child and he was sent to study, first at the Alma-Ata Art College and then at the prestigious Alma-Ata Art Institute. He arrived in Safed with his wife and mother-in-law in 1995 and was immediately recognized as a talented artist by the Tzfat Artists Association which inducted him into the Tzfat Artists Quarter Association. He was also granted membership into the national Israel Painters and Sculptors Association.

[edit] Oils

Although Rosenberg lived in Russia until he was almost 40, he is, today, regarded as an “Israeli artist” who paints in the Israeli style of intense lights and vibrant colors. His oil paintings capture scenes of the lanes and alleyways of Tzfat but he also paints the landscapes of the surrounding Galilean valleys and mountains and the Mediterranean basin. These paintings depict the lush pine forests, gnarled olive tree trunks, cultivated and uncultivated fields and flowing streams of northern Israel.

[edit] Seasons

Rosenberg enjoys painting the changing seasons and his paintings reflect similar scenes reflected with the differing lights and colors of the diverse seasons of the year. The spring paintings illustrate regeneration with special emphasis on the colors and textures of the region’s plants and flower life. Rosenberg’s summer pictures reflect the season’s light while his fall and winter paintings radiate Northern Israel’s quiet and during the rainy season.

[edit] Tzfat

One of Rosenberg’s favorite themes is Tzfat’s Old Jewish Quarter with its winding lanes, stone houses, twisting stairways and tiled roofs. His images depict the city’s history and mysteries as his work’s form, color and compositions reflect the unique character of the town.

[edit] Additional Subjects

In addition to the canvases of Tzfat and Northern Israel, Rosenberg also paints scenes of Jerusalem, the Judean desert, Greek Islands his native Kazakhstan.

[edit] Exhibitions

Rosenberg maintains a permanent exhibition on the Yosef Caro Street in the Old City. In addition his works hang in private collections throughout the world including Australia, the United States, France and Israel.


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