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Avraham Lowenthal Gallery
Avraham Lowenthal Gallery
אברהם לוונטל אומן
Other Names:
Gallery of Mystical Art, Tzfat Kabbalah Art
Gallery which exhibits the Kabbalah-inspired art of Avraham Lowenthal who connects his Kabbalah studies with his artwork.

Avraham Lowenthal (pronounced “Lev-en-tal” in Hebrew) has been living and working in Tzfat since 1994. His art is inspired by his study of Jewish mysticism. He uses his art to encourage viewers to understand Jewish mysticism through visualization.


[edit] Background

Avraham Lowenthal was born and grew up outside of Detroit, Michigan. He studied psychology at the University of Michigan and then studied painting at the The Art Institute’s School in Chicago. While still at the University of Michigan, Avraham became interested in the discipline of meditation. He discovered the works of Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan who taught how Jewish meditation can be achieved through principles laid out in the Kabbalah. Avraham began to integrate his studies of Kabbalah into his artwork and opened his Gallary of Mystical Art when he came to Tzfat in 1994.

[edit] Kabbalah Art

Avraham’s works take the form of “spiritual maps” which express concepts of the Kabbalah as well as the meditative states of consciousness. Ideas expressed in his art include Infinite Love, the amalgamation of Body and Soul, the Oneness of G-d, Prayer, maps of the Kabbalistic meanings of Jewish prayers and ceremonies, Torah texts, Jewish symbols and patterns of consciousness.

[edit] Kabbalistic Outlook

Avraham’s paintings communicate his view of Kabbalah -- that man’s ultimate goal is to strengthen our relationship with our fellow man as well as with G-d by doing whatever possible to bring goodness into the world. His work expresses the belief that every experience occurs for a divine reason. G-d hands man many different experiences, both positive and negative and it is man’s job to find the blessings in every situation. Every encounter and experience allows the soul to come to a place that will find infinite goodness. This is true when the blessings are revealed as well as when they are hidden from view.

[edit] Mediums

Avraham utilizes a wide variety of colors and textures in his oils on canvas. He also uses many different concepts to illustrate his ideas. These include the “Havaya Circle” a black on white circle of letters which illustrates the twelve permutations of the Divine Name as they correspond to the twelve months of the year and the hours of the night and day; the “Ana B’Koach”, an amalgamation of seven Stars of David which fuse together to depict the Divine Name as expressed through the Friday night Ana B’Koach prayer; and the “ ‘Tehilim’ -- Psalms -- Menorah” which shows a seven-stemmed menorah, such as the one which stood in the Jerusalem Temple, created fromthe words in a verse from Psalm 67.

[edit] Presentations

Avraham offers presentations in his gallery in which he presents his works to illustrate basic Kabbalistic concepts. The presentations are offered free of charge to both large and small groups. Group leaders can select the topic that they prefer from several available options including What is Kabbalah?, Basic Principles of Jewish Spirituality, Spiritual Consciousness, Meditation and The Tree of Life and Unconditional Love. Groups can also come for a question and answer session about Kabbalah and Art.

[edit] Gallery

The Gallery of Mystical Art is located on Tet Vav Street in the Artists Quarter of Tzfat. Avraham works in his gallery during the daytime and visitors are welcome at any time.


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