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Ron Cohen
Ron Cohen
רן כהן
Other Names
Jewish Art Revival Gallery
Gallery of Persian Art in Tzfat, Israel.

Ron Cohen’s Persian art adds an air of tradition and cultural diversity to the Artist community of Tzfat’s Old Jewish Quarter.


[edit] Background

Ron Cohen was born and raised in Haifa. He moved to Jerusalem and studied art at the Bezalel Academy where he was influenced by the traditional art styles of Bezalel’s original founding artists. While a student in Jerusalem he lived in the village of Ein Kerem and painted the landscapes of the Judean hills in watercolors and oils as he viewed them from his window. When Ron decided to become more religiously observant he moved to Safed and began to produce traditional Jewish art with a Persian style.

[edit] Inspiration

Ron is inspired by Tzfat. He incorporates the landscapes and scenery of Northern Israel into his artwork which includes illuminated manuscripts such as a Passover Haggadot, Megillot Esther -- scrolls of Esther -- for Purim and “Ketubot” -- wedding contracts. He brings the ancient Persian oriental approach to his art whereby a central object or figure is frequently surrounded by bordering text or illustrations.

[edit] Subject

Ron explores both Jewish and Land of Israel themes in his art. Human figures generally do not play a big part in his artwork but when they do, they are depicted as modest, humble and, almost always, secondary to the main theme of the piece. Ron’s paintings include Biblical scenes -- not the narratives of Bible stories but a view of how Ron imagines a time and space in Biblical times may have looked. His works include blessings and frames for blessings, Psalms, paintings of musical instruments and Kabbalistic shapes and designs.

[edit] Medium

Ron works in oils and watercolors and paints on canvas and on wood. He uses deep, bold, vibrant colors that conjure up visions of ancient Persia.

[edit] Gallery

Ron exhibits his works in his gallery on Alkabetz Street. His gallery sits on the corner of the stairs that ascend to the Ari Ashkenazi Synagogue. He sells original paintings, lithographs and scrolls on parchment.


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