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Lihi Gallery
Abuhav Synagogue
גלריה ליהי
Other Names:
Moshe Cohen Gallery
Exhibition of the glass and metalwork of Safed artist Moshe Cohen

Moshe Cohen’s small gallery on the Yosef Caro Street of Tzfat exhibits a range of glass and metalwork, bringing to fruition Moshe’s lifelong dream.


[edit] Background

Moshe Cohen was born and raised in Safed. He worked for the Bezek phone company for 26 years before taking an early pension and establishing a gallery of his glass and metalwork in Tzfat’s Old Jewish Quarter. Moshe had been working in metals fusion and glasswork as a hobby for many years and had dreamed of displaying his unique glass-blowing, fusing and vitraige work. When the opportunity to create a studio/gallery presented itself Moshe took the chance and plunged into his new endeavor.

[edit] Techniques

Moshe creates pieces of Judaica and other glasswork using several different types of artwork. Creating some of his pieces involves combining these techniques while, to create other pieces, he utilizes one or the other of his crafts.

[edit] Glassblowing

Moshe makes a variety of glass-blown objects. Some of them are displayed on his fused metal stands while others are free-standing. Moshe creates glass-blown lamps, kiddush cups, Passover platters, plates, cups, and bottles as well as a variety of small figurines.

[edit] Fusing

Moshe works with silver and tin to fashion jewelry and various metallic objects. He fuses the metals together and inserts stones or pieces of glass -- which he shapes himself -- to form delicate pendants, earrings and bracelets alongside large necklaces and decorative pieces. He works with all types of stones including opals, malachite and turquoise stones.

[edit] Vitraige

Using pieces of metal with glass inserts, Moshe produces colorful vitraiges which buyers can place near light sources to heighten the effect as light streams through the glass into the room. Moshe produces a number of different types of vitraiges. He shapes for practical use, such as his Shabbat candlesticks, Chanuakah menorah and kiddush cups while others are whimsical and simply decorative such as his butterfly shapes, lampshades and various types of animal and Judaica sculptures.

[edit] Gallery

The Lihi gallery is on Yosef Caro Street across the lane from the Yosef Caro Synagogue. Moshe opens the gallery daily from 10:00 until the evening hours.


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