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Volunteering in Tzfat
Volunteering in Tzfat
התנדבות בצפת
Volunteer options in Tzfat,Israel.

Various organizations and institutions in Tzfat welcome volunteers whose help can reduce the workload on the staff and provide more and better services for clients.


[edit] Volunteering

While many people volunteer in their home localities, others decide to perform volunteer activities as part of their travels. In addition to the help that is offered through the community service work, volunteers often find that they can integrate into a community when they assist projects and organizations that rely on volunteerism. In Tzfat, many organizations appreciate the help that comes with volunteers, whether they come for a few hours, a few days or even longer.

[edit] Accommodations

Volunteers must find their own accommodations and board while volunteering in Tzfat. Options range from a small guest house or hotel to a low-cost Tzfat hostel. The Livnot ULehibanot program offers room and board to participants aged 21 - 30 who perform volunteer tasks as part of their Israel Experience Program.

[edit] Options

Volunteer options are dependent on an individual’s age, physical abilities and knowledge of Hebrew.

[edit] Medical Work

Many individuals with a medical background wish to work in their field when they volunteer but Israeli law forbids anyone from performing any medical or psychological services without Israeli certification. However, the Magen David Adom -- Israeli Red Cross -- has a station in Tzfat. Their staff appreciates volunteers who will assist with their paramedic duties.

[edit] Education

Many educational activities are dependent on some sort of basic knowledge of Hebrew which enable a volunteer to communicate with the student. However, volunteers who will stay in Tzfat for a few weeks or more may help tutor English in the Tzfat elementary and high schools with no pre-requisite knowledge of Hebrew required. Potential volunteers can call schools and ask to speak to each school’s English coordinator to arrange for a volunteer assignment.

[edit] Old Age Home

The Tzfat Old Age Home is the residence of elderly native English-speakers who appreciate visitors with whom they can converse in their native language. Volunteers can make a big difference in an elderly person’s life with a short visit. The Old Age Home staff will direct volunteers to the appropriate residents.

[edit] Soup Kitchen

Mercaz HaChesed, located on G’dud HaSlishi road above the Tzfat Police Station, prepares meals for hundreds of Tzfat residents who eat at the organization’s soup kitchens or receive their meals at their home. The organizers appreciate help between 10:00a.m. and 1:00p.m., their busiest hours.

[edit] Clothing Bank

The Koach L’Tet second-hand shop in the Roscoe neighborhood provides clothing at a low cost to families and other low-income people who rely Koach L’Tet’s services to cloth their families. Volunteers help the staff sort clothes and stock the shelves, freeing staff members to help the shop’s clients.

[edit] Livnot ULehibanot

The Livnot ULehibanot program, in conjunction with the JOINT Distribution Committee and the City of Tzfat, repairs and paints apartments of elderly, handicapped and disabled individuals in one of Tzfat’s poorer neighborhoods. In addition to the Livnot program participants, volunteers join the project and paint the apartments that the work crews repair. A second projec, in which Livnot invites volunteers to join involves building a public park on the Metzuda Citadel. Volunteers assist with building terraces and paths as well as gardening and general maintenance.

[edit] Ascent Tzfat Volunteer Program

From Ascent’s center in the Old City, volunteers engage in community development while participating in Ascent’s classes and activities for a discounted rate. Volunteer activities include working on a local organic farm, doing art activities with the elderly and working in a soup kitchen. Ascent’s historic building with views of the hills of the Galilee offers comfortable hostel accommodations and serves as a meeting place and launching pad for personal spiritual exploration for travelers and students from around the world. Participants in the volunteer program can enjoy Shabbat hospitality, daily classes in mysticism, guided tours, hikes and live music alongside the participants in Ascent’s other programs. Ascent activities are geared towards young Jewish men and women looking to grow in their understanding of Judaism.

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