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Soul Mazal
 Soul Mazal Jewish Name Research
Other Names:
Rabbi David Katz Name Reading
Soul Mazel
Safed-based institute for Jewish name research.

Soul Mazal is a Safed based project run by Rabbi David Katz revolving around the meaning and symbolism of Hebrew names. Rabbi David Katz offers name reading services using Kabalistic based methods such as Gematria, to provide his clients with life guidance.


[edit] Soul Mazel

According to the Kabbalah, a Jewish person's Hebrew name is a powerful indicator of who that person is, what their potential may be and the direction that they should pursue in life. Reading names involves analyzing the individual's given Hebrew name, the Hebrew name of his or her parents and the Hebrew date of birth. Rabbi David Katz opened his Soul Mazal project to provide services allowing individuals to discover the inner meaning of their Hebrew name.

[edit] Gematria

One method is to use the "gematria" of a person's name to uncover this information. According to Jewish tradition the "gematria" is a system of numerology which is based on Torah and Kabbalah sources. This concept is more popular in Hassidic philosophy than in the "Lithuanian," or non-Hassidic school of Jewish thought. Regardless gematrias are recognized as a legitimate way of "reading" a persons traits and destiny by Jewish scholars from every stream of traditional Jewish thought.

[edit] Striving to Climb Higher

According to Jewish mysticism -- Kabbalah -- every Jewish person is obligated to strive to reach the highest possible level of knowledge and deed. This is part of each Jewish person's mission in life. It is accomplished by studying specific texts or performing deeds and acts of loving kindness that express the elements of one's name.

[edit] Rabbi David Katz

Rabbi Katz is a recognized Rabbi in Safed. He studied and taught in the Shalom Rav Yeshivah and is involved in the establishment Safed's newest English-speaking yeshiva, the Yeshivat Shem V'Ever.

Rabbi Katz researches individual names based on Torah and Kabbalistic sources, analyzes these sources and then provides the information to the client in written form as well as via a teleconference by phone or by Skype.

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