Halevav Safed Center for Healthy Living

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Halevav Center Tzfat
Halevav Center Tzfat
Other Names:
Halevev, Center for Healthy Living
Center for Ecological Activism and Promotion of Healthy Living in Tzfat, Israel.

The non-profit Halevav grew out the the vision of Tzfat residents who wanted to promote healthy living in Tzfat. They began as a loosely-knit group of activists who shared ideas and visions to a registered “amuta” -- non-profit organization -- which, in conjunction with local authorities and other organizations, educates and agitates for environmental responsibility and healthy living.


[edit] Halevav Vision

[edit] Objectives

The objectives of the Halevav non-profit are

  1. To encourage citizens and policy-makers in Safed to promote environmental concerns.
  2. To encourage local residents to care for their personal health through natural treatments and by practicing preventative healthcare.

[edit] Programming

Halevav runs a number of Environmental programs in Tzfat. These include programs of:

  • recycling
  • waste reduction
  • alternative and preventative health care
  • gardening and permaculture
  • green commerce
  • promoting the local economy
  • promoting renewable energy

[edit] Working with the Community

Through education and community activism Halevav informs and leads the local movement for sustainability and environmentalism. Halevav does not affiliate with any religious or political organization and welcomes all Tzfat residents to join the Halevav programs.

[edit] Halevav Projects

[edit] Activism

To advance its objective of composting in Tsfat, Halevav offers citizens the opportunity to obtain subsidized composting bins. Halevav staff offers periodic neighborhood workshops to teach residents how to compost. Halevav has obtained grants to procure and set up recycling bins for plastics throughout the city and has prevailed on the city administration to take an active role in increasing recycling options for paper and cartons.

[edit] Education

Halevav runs a number of educational programs in Safed. In conjunction with the Keren Karev enrichment program, Halevav staff plants and maintains gardens at local kindergartens and schools together with the children and school/kindergarten staff. Many of these gardens have been set up to use “grey” water -- waste water from sinks. Halevav staff members facilitate community programs and arts and crafts workshops aimed at teaching children and adults about the importance of sustainable living.

[edit] Commerce

Together with the Khan of the White Donkey, Halevav runs a freecycle program and a monthly open-air “market” which highlights local artists and artisans. Small businesses are invited to market their merchandise at this First Friday Shuk.

[edit] Literature Books with an Ecological Message

Two Halevav staffers, Allison and Eliyahu have expanded the Halevav mission by combining Halevav’s love of nature with the Jewish religions. They have published several childrens’ books which take the reader through the environmental steps that precede Jewish holidays. “Harvest of Light” follows the process of picking olives and making olive oil for Chanukah. “Sukkot Treasure Hunt” documents a hunt for the four species that Jews use on the Sukkot holiday.

Halevav works with the Safed community to heighten the relationship between Judaism, the environment and our health.


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