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Tzfat Education System
Tzfat Education System
מוסדות חינוך צפת
Schools, yeshivas and other educational institutions of Tzfat.

Tzfat residents have a wide variety of options to choose from when selecting their children's educational framework.


[edit] Education in Israel

The educational system in Israel is broken up into several divisions. Parents, by law, are allowed to choose the system that they wish for their children’s education.

[edit] Mamlachti

The State School System is a non-religious system for families who are not interested in including religious instruction as part of their children’s education. The Mamlachti system includes classes in Bible and other Jewish studies, as well as holiday celebrations, but these are observed and studied in a cultural, as opposed to religious, manner. Tzfat’s school system operates two mamlachti elementary schools, Mamlachti Aleph (Agamim) in the Darom neighborhood, and Mamlachti Bet in the northern neighborhood of Ramat Razim, as well as a central united Junior High School and Senior High School (Menachem Begin School), located in the center of the city.

[edit] Mamlachti Dati

The Mamlachti Dati State Religious School System includes religious instruction as part of their state-approved curriculum. These schools supports the Zionist ideology and encourages students to enter army service/alternative national service upon graduation. There are three National Religious elementary schools in Tzfat, the Ari in the Darom neighborhood, Beirav in the Canaan neighborhood and Noam, located in the valley between Canaan and the Darom. The AMIT High School, on Kaf Bet street in Canaan, provides three separate religious frameworks for teens -- a central high school with boys and girls divisions and a yeshiva (boys) and ulpana (girls) which provide a more intensive religious framework.

The Chabad school system is operated by the Chabad Hassidic community of Tzfat and is under the auspices of the Mamlachti Dati system, though they are an independent entity within the Mamlachti dati framework.

[edit] Independent Schools

Israel’s school system offers the option of operating an independent school with government funding. These schools are generally “Haredi” -- ultra-Orthodox -- and include both Sepharadi and Ashkanazi schools such as the Breslev schools, Beit Ya’akov schools (elementary and high schools for girls), the Tzemach David Religious Zionist Talmud Torah, Shas-operated Talmud Torahs such as Alkabetz and Yeted Tshuvah, and the kindergartens run by Rabbi Scheinberg. These schools receive partial funding from the Education Ministry and operate under a different type of supervision than the Mamlachti schools do.

[edit] Unrecognized Schools

Unrecognized schools generally include schools run by specific Hassidic groups of the Haredi sector. These schools operate solely by private funds and receive no money nor recognition from the Ministry of Education. There are a few such schools operating in Tzfat including the Tzachover Yiddish-speaking Cheder in Tzfat’s Old Jewish Quarter, the Satmer Yiddish-speaking cheder and the Satmer Yiddish-speaking girls’ school, both located in the Meor Chaim neighborhood of the Darom neighborhood.

[edit] Arab Schools

Israel’s school system also operates an Arab educational network but there are no Arab schools in Tzfat.

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