In The Quiet Space Safed Relaxation Technique

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In The Quiet Space
In The Quiet Space
מרכב השקט טכניקה להרגעה עצמית
Other Names:
ITQS system
A technique for Self-Relaxation.

In the Quiet Space (ITQS) is a conditioned calming technique whereby an individual learns to relax by giving himself a verbal cue. Reacting in a conditioned manner then acts on the individual’s physical and emotional state. The technique is one that a person can take wherever he goes. It allows him to cope with any situation by accessing the inner quiet that the verbal cue provides.


[edit] Philosophy

The Quiet Space philosophy was created in Tzfat through the work of a social worker and a drama therapist. These therapists developed the Quiet Space strategy because they saw that many people of all ages would benefit from an internalized method of self-calming.

[edit] Locations

ITQS staff have created special rooms, called Quiet Rooms, in many locations throughout Tzfat and Israel. They have established these rooms as special “time out” areas where children and older individuals can learn and practice the ITQS method, oftentimes in conjunction with other treatments for psychological and behavioral upsets. The ITQS staff have created quiet rooms in schools, childrens’ hospital wards, kindergartens, youth clubs, child development centers, Israeli Absorption Centers and in the homes of many clients.

[edit] Program Strategy

The ITQS system believes that the first step in learning to quiet doubts and insecurities, detox from the noise and stimuli of modern life and move to a path of success is to develop a system of relaxing mind and body. The ITQS method involves learning a mantra -- “nice, quiet, calm” and practicing it while relaxing in a comfortable and soothing atmosphere. Once a person develops this ability as a habit, he can use it at any time to return to a balanced path.

[edit] Program Options

The staff at In the Quiet Space includes, in addition to the therapists who developed the program, educators and medical personnel. The program is centered in Safed, though the staff will travel to other areas of Israel for lectures, workshops and consultations.


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