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Tzadik Magazine
Tzaddik Magazine
Other Names
Healthy Jewish Living for the Body and the Soul
Breslev-inspired periodical published in Tzfat.”

“Tzaddik” magazine is a Tzfat based print and online quarterly periodical about Breslov and Kabbalah published by the LKS Tzfat Development Corporation and the Rabbi Kenig community.


[edit] Overview

The Hebrew word “tzaddik” -- righteousness -- refers to a person that has completely nullified his bad traits and desires. It is often used as a reference to Rebbe Nachman of Breslev. The Tzaddik Magazine, available in print and online, provides knowledge, information and material for introspection which allows each individual the opportunity to learn more about Judaism.

[edit] Material

The production of the Tzaddik Magazine is based in Tzfat. The project provides articles about Judaism, Kabbalah and “Hassidut” -- Hassidic thought -- according to the Breslev Hassidic tradition. The magazine was conceived and is being developed by the LKS Tzfat Development Corporation, an organization which aims to attract investments and resources to the Tzfat area.

Tzaddik Magazine was launched in August 2011. It comes out as a quarterly and publications are timed to coincide with each season’s Jewish holidays. Each issue contains Kabbalistic thoughts of Tzfat's rabbis which pertain to that season’s upcoming holiday as well as Hassidic teachings about prayer, the Nature of Man, Tzfat and Jewish Life.

[edit] Contributors

Contributors to the Tzaddik Magazine cover a wide range of subject matter. Teachings of rabbis from Tzfat including Rabbi Elazar Mordechai Kenig and Rabbi Ephraim Kenig appear in the magazine as well as the writings of Rabbi Gedaliah Aharon Kenig, zt"l, an early leader of the Breslev community in Tzfat. Many other well-known writers, teachers and philosophers contribute to the magazine on a regular basis while others offer submissions as guest writers.

The articles in Tzaddik Magazine offer reflections on Breslev practices such as “Hitboddudut” -- solitary meditation -- and teachings about the Kabbalah, including the ideas and thinking of the great Tzfat Kabbalists such as Rabbi Isaac Luria -- the ARI -- and Rabbi Chaim Vital. Each issue of Tzaddik Magazine features philosophies and teachings which relate to the upcoming holidays along with the Hassidic outlook of how to fully enjoy and appreciate these special days.

[edit] Photography

Tzaddik Magazine presents the articles in a graphically-pleasing manner which draws the reader into the featured material. The professional photography depicts scenes of Tzfat as well as photos that illustrate the stories and information presented.

[edit] Subscriptions

Tzaddik Magazine offers subscriptions for its publication.


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