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Institutions of Tzfat
Institutions of Tzfat
מוסדות צפת
Mos-dot Tzfat
Other Names:
Tzfat Organizations
Institutions and Organizations offering services in Safed, Israel

Although Tzfat is a small city the municipality, community organizations and individual residents operate a number of vital institutions that ease the lives of its citizens.


[edit] Overview

Tzfat’s communities includes members of many different ethnicities and religious beliefs but a wide variety of community organizations and institutions serve all. These institutions include cultural, religious and social groups that provide opportunities which improve the lives of citizens of the Tzfat region.

[edit] Medical

Tzfat’s location has made it a natural center of medical services for northern Israel. The Rebecca Ziv Hospital offers state-of-the-art medical service along with personalized small-town hospital care. In conjunction with the medical center, Israel’s fifth Medical School is training a new generation of physicians who receive part of their training at the Ziv Hospital. The Clalit, Leumit, Meuhedit and Maccabi Health funds provide basic medical services in their clinics which are located throughout the city while pregnant women and babies receive care at mother-child clinics which the Health Department operates in every neighborhood. Individuals who are interested in investing in their emotional health can turn to In the Quiet Space to learn relaxation techniques or they can request psychological services from the local Mental Health Department.

[edit] Educational

Tzfat’s Department of Education operates a wide variety of educational facilities including schools for ultra-orthodox boys and girls (separate), national religious boys and girls (separate), non-religious boys and girls, teens in distress, special education and vocational education. In addition, a number of ultra-orthodox organizations operate their own mostly-Yiddish-speaking educational facilities which are not affiliated with the Department of Education. These independent educational facilities do not receive State funding. Halavav operates programs of environmental education and the Otiyot Hayot provides instruction in the Kabbalistic meanings of the Hebrew Letters.

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[edit] Libraries

Tzfat’s community centers run community libraries with Hebrew, English and Russian-language books. In addition, the local English Library serves the northern region with free books, videos, DVDs, audio-books and a children’s library.

[edit] Social Programs

In addition to the city Welfare Department a number of local non-profits provide services to Tzfat citizens as well as individuals who come from other areas. Nefesh B’Nefesh has a presence in Tzfat and offers assistance to new immigrants from Western countries while the Committee for Ethiopian Jews in Safed provides assistance to new immigrants from Ethiopia. The Lev U’Neshama charity operates a used clothing shop which supports its program of providing food, eyeglasses and shoes to the needy of Tzfat. The Center for the Blind brings sight-impaired students from throughout Israel to Tzfat to learn the skills that they will need to manage without sight.

[edit] Cultural

Tzfat’s cultural life involves movies, concerts, lectures and educational programs which take place at the Beit Yigal Alon Cultural Center. The center serves educational, municipal and cultural organizations in the city. The Khan of the White Donkey offers weekly Thursday-night concerts along with classes, dance nights, open mic nights, lectures and holiday celebrations for the local community as well as visitors.

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