Rambam Institute of Jewish Medicine Safed

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Rambam Institute Tzfat
Rambam Institute of Jewish Medicine Safed
המכון לרפואה יהודית
Other Names:
Rambam Institute of Jewish Medicine
Holistic Jewish Medicine according to the teachings of the Rambam.

The Rambam Institute of Jewish Medicine practices holistic medicine according to the teachings of the Rambam. The Rambam’s writings on Torah are well-known among students of the Torah but many people also follow the Rambam’s teachings regarding healthy lifestyles, medicine and healing.


[edit] The Rambam

Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, known by the acronym “Rambam” and also as “Maimonidies” was one of Judaism’s greatest scholars. He lived in the 12th century and was a revered rabbi and philosopher. The Rambam’s Torah commentaries and insights comprise a major source of Torah knowledge for rabbinical students and other Torah scholars until today.

In addition to the Rambam’s knowledge and teachings about Jewish law and ethics, the Rambam wrote extensively about his work as a physician and provided specific instructions for healing using herbs and other natural strategies. He also promoted maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a cornerstone of preventing illnesses and maintaining physical and mental fitness. His works, including a glossary of drug names and treatises on hemorrhoids, asthma, poisons and their antidotes and a regimen of health, are the cornerstone of the Institute of Jewish Medicine which operates out of Safed.

[edit] Moshe Refael Tzror

Moshe Refael Tzror has been adhering to the Rambam’s teachings regarding health and medicine since 1989 and has been teaching about environmental influences and lifestyle’s effects on human health, according to the Rambam’s writings, since 1993. Moshe Refael studied complementary medicine at the Pacific College Station, vegan sciences at the College of Complementary Medicine in Tel Aviv and Palm Therapy with the disciple’s founder, Dr. Moshe Tzwang. He is a member of the Israeli Association of Naturopaths.

[edit] Rambam Institute

Moshe Refael Tzror founded the Rambam Institute in the Tzfat area in 1993 with the goal of promoting and instructing about the Rambam’s teachings on medicine and healing. People representing many different Israeli communities come to the Institute to review the Institute’s research, attend seminars and learn the Rambam’s strategies for proper medical care. Many individuals also come to the Institute for treatments of various illnesses and conditions.

[edit] Activities

The Institute operates out of Moshe Refael’s home and clinic in the Kiryat Sarah neighborhood of Tzfat, near Ibikur. A large herb garden provides the Institute with many of the natural remedies that it uses in its treatments and consultations. In addition to seeing private patients at his clinic, Moshe Refael travels throughout Israel and lectures at schools, companies and to private groups who are interested in learning more about health and Judaism. He is also a frequent lecturer at Tzfat’s College of Nursing, part of the local Ziv Hospital. His lecture topics include nutrition and healthy cooking, medicine and Kabbalah, mental health and how to maintain a healthy lifestyles.


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