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Tzfat Hotels
Fig Tree Gallery
מלונות צפת
Other Names
Tzfat Inns, Zefat Tzimers, Tsfat Zimmers
Hotels and tourist accommodations in Safed, Israel.

Following Israel’s War of Independence in 1948, Tzfat developed into an important tourist center of Northern Israel. The city’s clean mountain air, bohemian atmosphere, artists’ galleries and quaint lanes and alleyways attracted domestic and foreign visitors who enjoyed wandering around the historic Old City and Artist Quarter.

Throughout the years that bohemian atmosphere has been replaced by a more religious ambiance, bolstered by the city’s growing religious population. Yet tourists continue to arrive in ever-increasing numbers, drawn to explore different aspects of the town including Tzfat’s Kabbalistic traditions, historical sites and Jewishly-inspired artwork.


[edit] Expanding Hotel Options

To meet recent tourism increase, old Safed hotels have expanded and new zimmers, guesthouses, boutique bed and breakfasts and hotels have opened. Some of the hotels cater to visitors who are looking for a luxury experience while others offer simple and basic accommodations. Tourists who wish to spend time in Tzfat have the option of finding a friendly Safed inn on a quiet lane or a booking a room at one of the hotels in Safed which caters to a specific clientele.

[edit] Hotels on Safed’s Outskirts

Safed hotels exist throughout the central city’s Old Jewish Quarter and Artists Quarter. In addition, there are accommodation options in the outlying areas. Three popular Safed hotels are located approximately two kilometers from the Old City. Guests can drive into the central city, approximately five minutes away or use the city's frequent bus lines which run directly to the hotels.

[edit] Cannan Spa

The Canaan Spa is a luxurious spa hotel on Mt. Cana’an with a pool and other convenient facilities for a relaxing stay.

[edit] Villa Galilee

The Villa Galilee provides a simple and refreshing bed and breakfast.

[edit] Safed Inn

The Safed Inn offers different types of room, ranging from hostel-type dorm rooms to private single or double rooms.

[edit] Old City/Artist Quarter Hotels

Within Tzfat’s Old City and Artists Quarter, dozens of Safed hotels and other accommodation venues allow walking accessibility to the main historical, religious and art sites. Travelers have a wide choice of lodgings in the area.

[edit] Ruth Rimonim Hotel

The Safed Ruth Rimonim is Tzfat’s largest hotel, offering comfortable rooms among open terraces, authentic old-Tzfat architecture and an atmosphere of genteel relaxation.

[edit] Ron Hotel

The Ron Hotel caters to a religious clientele with a high standard of kosher food, Sabbath amenities and other options that meet the needs of Orthodox patrons.

[edit] Tel Aviv Hotel

The Tel Aviv Hotel, itself a historical Tzfat site, features moderately-priced accommodations that are appropriate for individuals or groups.

[edit] Palacio Domain

Palacio Domain is a luxurious boutique hotel, ideally situated at the foot of Safed Artist's colony. It is near a number of art galleries and is right above the old cemetery.

[edit] Bed and Breakfast - Tzimmers

Due to the easy money that can be made renting rooms to Tzfat tourists, many residents have turned parts of their homes into mini B&B's. These are called Tzimmers and Tzfat contains dozens of them ranging in various levels of quality.

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[edit] Safed Attractions

Travelers who wish to explore the spectrum of sites and activities that Tzfat has to offer can attend a class or workshop, visit working artists in their galleries, study the town’s fascinating history or simply sit with locals over a cup of coffee. Each visitor will find that they can select the type of accommodations that best suit their needs. Safed hotels have options to fit all needs and budgets.

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