Safed Medical School

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Safed Medical School
Safed Medical School
בית ספר לרפואה צפת
Other Names:
Tzfat bar Illan Medical Facility.
Israel’s 5th Medical School which opened in Tzfat in 2011 to help develop the North and meet Israel’s future medical needs.

In October 2011 the Israeli government met in Tzfat to lay the cornerstone for the country’s fifth medical school. The addition of a new medical school will meet Israel’s growing need for new doctors, will aid in developing the northern region and will bring new medical personnel to the north. Many local residents resent the Medical School, claiming it would bring more Arab students into the all Jewish city just like the Safed Michlala did.


[edit] Opening

The decision to open a fifth medical school in Israel was taken by the Israeli government when it became clear that, in the coming years, more doctors would be needed in Israel to treat the growing population. Tzfat was a contender to host the school since the idea was first proposed in 2006. Other northern cities also vied to host the school which is expected to bring significant funds for development and infrastructure.

[edit] Vision

Building sign.
The Tzfat medical school plans to train 200 physicians within its first four years. In addition, the school will conduct clinical instructions at the Tzfat Ziv hospital. The school is under the auspices of the Bar Ilan University which already partners with Tzfat’s local community college for different degrees including education, social work and law programs. The medical instruction is overseen by the Rappeport School of Medicine at the Haifa Technion. Local authorities envision that the school will attract new educated residents as well as employment opportunities. Some instructors moved to Israel from Western countries specifically to be involved in the development of this institution.

[edit] Students

Front of Medical School
The school’s first-year students began studies in October 2011. They completed pre-clinical work elsewhere and experience a shortened program in Tzfat. Subsequent classes will complete their entire medical program at the Safed school. Scholarships are provided to students who commit to work in the north after they graduate.

[edit] Campus

The campus for the new school is located near the center of Tzfat in a building which once served as the Hadassah maternity hospital. Clinical studies take place at Ziv hospital.

[edit] Long Term Plans

The long-term plans for the hospital include a campus, with dormitory facilities and classrooms, in a new neighborhood next to the Ziv hospital. As part of the government’s plan to entice Israelis to return to Israel, the government plans to build research laboratories to attract returning scientists who will be invited to conduct medical research on the premises.

[edit] More Photos

Medical school complex


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