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Carmel Hotel
Carmel Hotel
מלון כרמל
Ma’alon Kar-mel
Moderately-priced hotel in the Old Jewish Quarter of Safed, Israel.

Visitors to Safed can relax at the comfortable and conveniently-located Carmel hotel, situated on HaAri Street along the northern edge of the Old City.


[edit] Location

The Carmel Hotel is located on HaAri Street, above the HaAri 8 restaurant at the edge of the Old Jewish Quarter of Tzfat. It is within a five-minute walk of the historical Safed Synagogues and historical sites of the Old City. It is approximately a 15 minute walk from the Tzfat cemetery and the Ari Mikve. There is parking for hotel guests next to the hotel entrance.

[edit] Accommodations

The hotel has twelve rooms, all of which have attached showers and toilets. The twelve rooms are simple, clean and comfortable. There is a total of forty beds in the hotel. The Carmel hotel attracts many school and family groups along with yeshivas and seminary groups. Rooms have twin beds and can accommodate extra beds if reserved ahead of time. The rooms have cable TV as well as air-conditioning/heating.

[edit] Views

There is a communal balcony which faces the Meron mountain range for guests to sit and relax.The upstairs rooms have private balconies with views of the surrounding region. In addition, guests may ascend to the hotel’s rooftop which provides an additional opportunity to enjoy the view.

[edit] Prices

The prices at the Carmel are moderate at approximately $75 per room per night.

[edit] Dining

The hotel has an on-site dining room which serves kosher food to groups who reserve meals ahead of time. Groups may order breakfast or, if they are staying over the Sabbath, Shabbat meals. The Carmel dining room sits over 80 people so additional diners may join at mealtimes. The large dining room also allows groups to hold family celebrations at the Carmel. Guests who wish to order kosher l’mehadrin food may do so by reserving the additional kashruth level in advance. In addition, guests have access to a guest refrigerator, a warming platter on the Sabbath and a hot water urn with a coffee/tea corner.

[edit] Sabbath Observant

The hotel requests that guests who book for the Sabbath adhere to the laws of the Sabbath. The hotel provides Sabbath amenities and offers a Sabbath-observant atmosphere. The price for Sabbath reservations is slightly higher than the weekday rate.


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