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Canaan Spa Hotel
Canaan Spa Hotel
מלון כנען ספא צפת
Cana'an Spa, Canan
Luxery Hotel located on Mt. Canaan Safed, Israel.

Canaan Spa is One of Tzfat’s newest and most luxurious hotels, located on Mt. Canaan, approximately one kilometer east of the city center. Aside from regular hotel services, it hosts an in house spa.

[edit] Decor and Activities

The Canaan Spa is laid out in a manner designed to promote feelings of tranquility and quiet. Guests have their choice of a variety of activities and treatments including massages, an authentic Turkish bath, a jacuzzi, a sauna, a fitness room, yoga classes and walking trails through the nearby wooded area. Guests can swim in the swimming pool, relax in the hotel’s comfortable lounge or work off energy in the outdoor basketball or tennis courts.

[edit] Cafeteria

The Canaan Spa offers an innovative open cafeteria which allows hotel guests to wander in and out of the cafeteria throughout the morning and into the early afternoon. The open cafeteria serves breakfast and brunch food from early morning until 3:00 p.m., allowing guests to have a big breakfast and lunch as part of their spa day or, if they prefer, come in for smaller meals and snacks in between activities and treatments.

In keeping with the Canaan Spa’s emphasis on healthy living, the cafeteria serves homemade baked goods and dishes made of locally grown fruits, vegetables and other regional ingredients. All of the Canaan Spa’s cafeteria’s food is prepared without the use of preservatives. Many of the dishes include garden-picked herbs. Hotel guests have their choice of freshly squeezed fruit juices or herbal and immersion teas throughout the day.

[edit] Bookings

Rooms at the Canaan Spa are comfortable. Guests may choose to book a hotel bedroom, a larger mini-suite or the luxury Presidential Suite.

The Canaan Spa welcomes couples and groups of adults but does not host children under the age of 14. In addition, cell phones are not allowed at the spa. These policies ensure that guests have a quiet, soothing and relaxing visit at the hotel.


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