Beit Yosef Guest Houses Safed

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Beit Yosef Tzimmers
Beit Yosef Tzimmers
בתי אירוח בית יוסף צפת
Beit Yosef, Bais Yosef
Network of short term apartments for rent in Safed, Israel.

The Beit Yosef network of Safed guesthouses is a unique concept in Tzfat lodgings, providing a wide variety of guesthouse options in out-of-the-way corners of Tzfat’s Old City and Artist Quarter.


[edit] Concept

Beit Yosef’s owners built their network of guesthouses with the idea that, by offering a variety of sizes and accommodation options, travelers would be able to find the unit that best fit their particular circumstances. Beit Yosef offers small hideaways, units that provide comfortable lodgings for multi-generational families and options for several families to vacation together. This B&B network is named after the Bet Yosef and Rabbi Yosef Karo in attempt to latch on to their association with Tzfat.

[edit] Units

Each Beit Yosef unit is unique. The renovated Old Jewish Quarter or Artists Quarter buildings have been fully rebuilt and are decorated in a manner that enhances their old Tzfat styles. Some units include extra beds for children while others provide double rooms for families or couples who are traveling together. Beit Yosef offers several units which are next to each other, increasing the available opportunities for families or friends who wish to travel together.

[edit] Amenities

Each Beit Yosef unit features a kitchenette which gives guests the option of preparing or warming food. All units have refrigerators. The units have all Shabbat amenities for Sabbath-observant guests including hot plates, hot water urns and dining areas which allow guests to sit down and enjoy their Sabbath meals right in the guestroom. The guestrooms are actually old renovated homes so families with children will find plenty of space for children to run and play.

[edit] Surrounding Space

Each Beit Yosef guesthouse has an adjacent porch or garden for guests who want to sit outside. The guesthouse staff ensures that all religious requirements are met, including individual succas for each guesthouse during the holiday of Succot.

[edit] Meals

Beit Yosef has an arrangement with the nearby Rimonim Hotel where guests can book breakfasts and other meals at a significant discount. Guests should note that they will want this arrangement when they make their reservation. Beit Yosef also offers use of a large dining hall for events and large groups.

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