Tel Aviv Hotel Safed

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Tel Aviv Hotel
Tel Aviv Hotel Safed
מלון תל אביב צפת
Other Names:
Malon Tel Aviv Tzfat, Berenson House
Hotel in the Old City of Safed, Israel

The Tel Aviv Hotel of Safed, is located on the northern edge of the Old City and one of the oldest hotels in the city. This centrally located Tzfat hotel was recently bought by Accent, a Chabad run organization.


[edit] History

The building which now houses the Tel Aviv Hotel served as the consulate of the Austro-Hungarian Empire during Turkish rule of the area. Following the end of World War I and the commencement of British rule in Israel the building was turned into an annex of the nearby Rothchild hospital, functioning as a maternity ward. The Jewish self-defense paramilitary group, the Palmach, stored arms and held training exercises illegally in the hospital, relying on British soldiers’ reticence to investigate in an area where mothers were giving birth.

Following Independence in 1948, the Berenson family bought the building and turned it into a hotel. For many years the Tel Aviv hotel was a popular site in Tzfat, attracting government officials, diplomats and other travelers who were looking for a relaxing place to stay which allowed them to enjoy the Safed air and attractions.

[edit] Hotel

The Tel Aviv hotel rooms surround a central courtyard where guests can sit to have a cup of coffee, chat or just relax quietly. The hotel has 40 rooms located on two floors (no elevator). Some rooms have four beds and some rooms have two beds, making the Tel Aviv hotel a convenient vacation spot for groups and families alike.

[edit] Meals

Hotel guests can chose to book with half-board or full-board, creating a convenient option for visitors who wish to eat breakfasts and/or dinners right at the hotel. The hotel has a “mehadrin” -- high level -- hechsher, making it an attractive venue for Orthodox guests who are concerned about maintaining a high level of kashruth when they travel.

[edit] Management

In recent years the Tel Aviv hotel has come under the management of the Ascent Youth Hostel which is located right next-door. Ascent opens its library, classes and educational activities to guests at the hotel. The hotel accepts bookings from school, youth and tour groups as well as individual visitors.


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