Ron Hotel Safed

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Ron Hotel Tzfat
Ron Hotel Tzfat
מלון רון צפת
Hotel in Safed, Israel.

The Ron Hotel is located on the slopes of the Citadel of Tzfat. Ron Hotel offers the types of amenities that Jewish Orthodox travelers look for when traveling, and is frequently used by religious groups visiting Safed. Along with a breathtaking view, the Ron Hotel is in close proximity to the Old City of Tzfat.


[edit] Location

The Ron hotel is located on the Metzuda of Safed. Tzfat’s “Metzuda” -- Citadel -- is the highest point of the city. It sits in the city’s center, surrounded by the main commercial street, Jerusalem Street. Under Jerusalem Street lays the Old City of Safed, including the Old City and the Artists Quarter. Further beyond the Old City are the newer post-1948 neighborhoods of Tzfat.

The Metzuda is known for its Crusader-era fortress which once commanded a view of Israel’s entire northern region. Today, after decades of earthquakes and neglect, the fortress is almost entirely buried underground, but the Metzuda Park walking trails provide an opportunity to enjoy the same expansive view.

[edit] Rooms

The Ron Hotel sits on the northern edge of the Metzuda, a two-minute walk from the Old Jewish Quarter. The 50 rooms in the hotel are simple, clean and pleasant. Many of the rooms offer a view of the Old City as well as the Meron mountain range which spreads out on the other side of the valley below Safed, Nahal Amud. Guests may select a room with two twin beds or, for a family, a larger room with extra beds.

[edit] Conference Rooms

Ron Hotel contains three conference / seminar rooms. Two of the rooms can hold up to 100 people and a smaller third room up to 40 people. While these rooms are occasionally used for dinners and family gatherings they are mostly used for the Seminary and Yeshiva groups that frequent the Ron Hotel.

[edit] Catering to Religious Guests

The Ron Hotel caters to religiously-observant Jewish guests. The Ron Hotel is Sabbath observant and maintains hotel services on the Sabbath in accordance with “Halacha” -- Jewish Law. Food served at the hotel is “Mehadrin Kosher” -- a high standard of kashruth. The pool, in accordance with Jewish traditions relating to modesty, maintains separate swimming hours for men and women. The Ron Hotel has an on-site synagogue which is open during all prayer-times.

[edit] Restaurant

The Ron Hotel’s restaurant serves kosher “mehadrin” meals. Guests at the hotel who stay over the Sabbath or Jewish holidays can order lunches and dinners ahead of time and enjoy the hotel’s Ashkanazi cuisine. The Ron’s restaurant also accepts meal bookings from other non-hotel guests who wish to eat Sabbath or holiday meals in the hotel. In all cases, guests must reserve and pay for their meals before the commencement of the Sabbath or the holiday, as the hotel does not accept payment on the day itself.


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