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Ruth Rimonim Tzfat
Ruth Rimonim Tzfat
מלון רות רימונים צפת
Ruth Rimonim, Rut Remonim
Other Names:
Tsfat Rimonim, Rimon Inn, Hotel Rimonim
Luxury hotel chain with a branch in Safed, Israel.

The Safed Rimonim Hotel, also called the Rimon Inn Hotel or the Ruth Rimonim Hotel, is located on Rehov Tet Zayin near the southern edge of the Artists Quarter. The hotel is set in an old stone building and offers luxury accommodations amid its rolling terraces and gardens, a stunning view of the surrounding mountain range, expansive lobbies and five-star restaurant. Guests enjoy easy access to the historical and cultural sites of Tzfat.


[edit] Hotel Site

The Rimonim Safed hotel sits on a site whose foundations, archaeologists believe, date back to Roman times. The building served as a Turkish “khan” -- inn -- in the 17th century and became a popular Safed hotel from the earliest days of the State of Israel. Its stone façade, rustic atmosphere and location on the western slope of the city, overlooking the Meron mountain range, has made it a popular Safed inn for foreign and Israeli visitors alike.

[edit] Access to the Town

Guests can walk to the historical synagogues, art galleries and religious sites from the Rimon Inn which is located an approximate ten minute walk from the Old Jewish Quarter of Safed. The Safed hotel also invites guests to join their regularly-scheduled Friday night tours which provide detailed information about the town’s history and significance as one of Judaism’s “Four Holy Cities.”

[edit] Amenities

The Rimonim Tzfat hotel is Safed’s largest with 80 rooms ranging from simple bedrooms to elegant mini or more luxurious suites. The hotel has a pool, a spa and an exercise room which are nestled amongst the expansive surrounding gardens. Guests are treated each morning to a full buffet breakfast which features a wide assortment of vegetables and fruits, cheeses, fish, fresh breads and unique salads. The hotel maintains a “mehadrin” -- high standard -- of kashruth and the hotel is set up with Sabbath amenities to allow observant Jewish guests to observe the Sabbath and holidays at the hotel.

[edit] Famous Guests

The Hotel Rimon Inn is part of a network of Rimonim hotels which operates throughout Israel The location and ambiance in Tzfat makes it the chain’s premier hotel and it is the choice for visiting missions, officials, dignitaries and diplomats who visit Safed. In 1986, following his release from a Soviet prison, Natan Sharansky brought his wife Avital to Tzfat where they stayed at the Rimon Inn. The hotel protected their privacy as they vacationed and rested. During the 2006 Second Lebanon War, government and visiting officials stayed at the hotel which kept its doors open, despite the danger. And in 2011, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived at the Rimonim with his entire cabinet for a unity weekend of rest, relaxation and building relationships among the coalition partners.


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