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Ibikur Tzfat
Ibikur Tzfat
שכונות אביקור
New Neighborhood located northeast of Tzfat’s Center by Mt. Canaan.

Many Safed residents are settling in the Ibikur neighborhood. This neighborhood is officially part of the Merom HaGalil Regional Authority but its proximity to Tzfat makes it an attractive location for Tzfat residents who are looking for a comfortable home.


[edit] History

Before the State of Israel was established in 1948, “Har Canaan” -- Mt. Canaan was a popular vacation site for visitors who arrived from all over the country to relax in the mountain air. Sarah’s Hotel was a favorite spot for people to relax. During the War of Independence Haganah soldiers camped at her hotel until they moved into the Old City to join the battle. After the War of Independence, the Northern Command army base was built on Mt. Canaan and a small neighborhood, Ibikur, arose next to the base.

[edit] Access

Ibikur is accessible within a 5-minute drive of Tzfat’s center. To reach Ibikur from Tzfat’s center, drive out Ha’Atzmaut Road to the main exit from Tzfat (Biriya Junction). Cross the Biriya junction and continue up the road past the gravesite of Benaihu Ben Yehoyada. Continue past the traffic circle. The Ibikur neighborhood is to the right of the road. Alternately, turn right at the Biriya junction and continue along the Tzfat-Rosh Pinna Road. Turn left on G’dud HaSlishit and drive to the end of the road.

[edit] Homes

Ibikur is located next to the Northern Command army base and has a large number of base personnel living in the neighborhood with their families. It is a growing community of single-family homes and duplexes. Street parking is plentiful and the neighborhood is carefully planned with wide streets and grassy areas near each house.

[edit] Services

There are supermarkets and small shops in the area and there is regular bus service into and out of Tzfat from Ibikur. School choices for Ibikur families are similar to those of the Biriya neighborhood. The population of Ibikur is heavily secular but there are synagogues which serve religious residents as well.

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