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Real Estate Agents in Tzfat
Real Estate Agents in Tzfat
נדל”ן צפת
Other Names:
Tzfat Real Estate Agencies, Brokers, Broker, Agent
Agents, contacts and brokers in the Tzfat real estate market.

The early years of the 21st century has seen real estate values rise in the Safed region. A new medical school, a thriving tourist trade, Western immigration to the city and an increased interest by the religious public in the city has served to drive Tzfat real estate prices upwards.


[edit] Overview

Newcomers or veteran residents of Tzfat have a wide variety of options from which to choose when they purchase real estate in the city. The older neighborhoods of the Canaan and the Darom have older, lower-priced housing. Many of these homes are multi-storied apartment buildings. New neighborhoods, including the northern neighborhoods of Menachem Begin, Ramat Razim, Neve Oranim and the western neighborhoods of Biriya and Ibikur have single detached homes with lawns. Some people prefer to look for a home in the historic Old City or the Artists Quarter.

[edit] Real Agents Knowledge

Real estate agents who work in Tzfat must be well-acquainted with the intricacies of the city’s housing patterns. Some areas have high “Haredi” -- ultra orthodox -- populations and non-Haredi residents would not feel comfortable in such an area. Conversely, many Haredi families would not want to live in a neighborhood where there is a large secular population. Property laws in the Old Jewish Quarter of Tzfat differ from the rest of the country because it is a historic Jewish neighborhood where “tabu” -- ownership -- was determined by the Turks in the early 19th century. Those laws are still applicable today when conducting real estate dealings in the Old City.

[edit] Real Estate Agents

Real Estate agents in Tzfat have the expertise to assist clients to who want to buy, rent or sell a property. By law, all real estate agents in Israel must be licensed.

[edit] Yeshuv Tov Real Estate

Yeshuv Tov Real Estate is a licensed real estate agency run by religious former kollel members which focuses mostly on homes in the Darom, the South of Tsfat. More and more young religious couples both from Tsfat and from the center of the country have moved into this area which features nice apartments many with lawns surrounding the buildings and close to shops, parks and grocery stores as well as lower housing costs.

[edit] Tzfat Real Estate

Tzfat Real Estate is the agency of Yaron Jackson who is a registered real estate agent and specializes in Tzfat rentals. In addition to assistance regarding buying and selling real estate, Yaron has an extensive background in construction and can advise clients regarding a property’s construction, needed renovations, possibilities for additions and changes to the property and potential difficulties. Yaron speaks English fluently.

[edit] Nadlan4Me

Nadlan4Me is a licensed real estate agency which offers a wide variety of properties for sale and rent including homes, apartments, lots, hotels, commercial real estate and agricultural land. The agency specializes in the intricacies of Tzfat real estate law, including tracking down absentee owners of Old City properties and encouraging them to sell to newcomers. Nadlan4Me has extensive listings of residential properties throughout the Tzfat area and can assist clients in project planning and marketing.

[edit] Tivuch Hassidim

Tivuch Hassidim maintains its headquarters in Tzfat but has a number of northern branches including Carmiel, Tiberias, Hatzor, Kiryat Shmoneh and Haifa. In addition to locating real estate the licensed agency offers a wide variety of services such as arranging transportation for clients to view properties, providing a tour of the Tzfat, offering professional guidance, offering appropriate legal counsel, managing properties and assisting people who want to acquire properties for investment purposes. The agency supports Tzfat community welfare projects such as the scholarship program for students who study at the Safed Community College.

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