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Tzfat Real Estate
Safed Real Estate
נדל”ן צפת
Other Names:
Safed Properties
The real estate market in Tzfat.

Real estate values continue to rise in Tzfat and the number of real estate agents and agencies grows yearly. New residents arrives and new neighborhoods and communities are established to meet the growing needs of the city. Safed, which once built wherever open land was available, created an overall development plan in 2010 with the objective of attracting new people and employment to the area.

Israel’s fifth medical school opened in Tzfat in 2011, increasing the potential for employment and residents.


[edit] Background

Until the 1948 War of Independence the population of Tzfat was centered around the “Metzuda” -- the Citadel. The Jewish population of Tzfat was located in the Old Jewish Quarter. In 1948 the Jewish population was estimated to be approximately 4,000 people. The Arab Quarter, next to the Jewish Quarter, had a population of approximately 12,000, including mainly Muslim Arabs with a small Christian Arab community.

Following the War of Independence the entire Arab population left the city and the land was turned over to the Israel Lands Authority. The ILA sold these properties to new immigrants from Europe and North Africa. In addition, many Israeli artists established their galleries in the quarter, giving it the name “Artists Quarter.”

[edit] Neighborhoods 1950 - 1990

With the post-independence immigration to Israel, new neighborhoods were built to accommodate these new residents. These neighborhoods were known as the “Cana’an neighborhood”, north of the Old Jewish Quarter, and the “Darom neighborhood,” south of the Artists Quarter.

In the 1970s the Cana’an neighborhood became a center of the new Chabad community and a group of apartment buildings, Kiryat Chabad, was established as the center of Chabad activities and life in Tzfat.

In addition, the 1970s saw the creation of a “Haredi” -- Ultra Orthodox -- neighborhood, Meor Chaim, in the Darom section of Tzfat as well as other new apartment building built near the Ziv Hospital.

Below the Old Jewish Quarter, new apartment buildings extended the Jewish Quarter to the edge of the cemetery. This neighborhood, Kiryat Breslev, was built as a center of the Breslev Hassidic community.

[edit] Neighborhoods 1990s

In 1990, with the fall of the Soviet Union, hundreds of thousands of Jews from Russia and other Soviet Bloc countries began to immigrate to Israel. Many immigrants came to Tzfat and settled in the older, lower-priced areas, including Darom and Cana’an. To create more housing the city established three new neighborhoods north of the Cana’an neighborhood, along the road to Rosh Pinna. These neighborhoods, Menachem Begin, Neve Oranim and Ramaz Razim include a large number of single family homes duplexes and four-family apartment buildings.

[edit] Biriya

A suburb of Tzfat, Biriya, is located in a different local authority region but many people who work in Tzfat live in Biriya. Biriya is a 5-minute drive from Tzfat’s center and provides a rural atmosphere alongside amenities and services of a small town.

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