Parashat Vetchanan

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Parashat Vetchanan is the 2nd Parsha in the Book of Devorim. It contains 118 pesukim. For the Haftorah the section of Nachamu Nachamu Ami from Yeshayahu is read.


[edit] Prayer of Moshe

Moshe recounts how at the time after the conquest of the land of Sicon and Og[1], he had begged Hashem to let him enter Eretz Yisroel, thinking that perhaps the vow Hashem had made that he was not to enter the Land was now nullified as he had now already entered a part of the Land of Canaan[1]. He started by saying, how Hashem had begun to show His greatness and strong hand. For who is a God in heaven or on earth who can do as the deeds and might of Hashem. Moshe then prayed that he be allowed to cross over and see the good land that is on the other side of the Jordan, the good mountain and the Lebanon. Moshe requested this as a for a free gift[1]. Although the righteous may base a request on the merit of their good deeds, they request things only as free gift from Hashem[1]. He also prayed using the word Vaschanan (ואתחנן) as it is an expansion of (וחנותי את אשר אחון) where Hashem told him that He will favor those those that He wishes to favor[1] and is one of the ten terms which denote prayer.[1]. This was one of three occasions where Moshe told Hashem that he will not let Him go until He will let him know if his request would be granted[1].

But Hashem was angry with him because of Jewish Nation, and He did not listen to him, telling him that it was enough and he should speak no more regarding this matter.

Hashem told Moshe that he should go up to the top of the hill and lift up his eyes westward, northward, southward and eastward and see with hid eyes, for he will not cross the Jordan river. Instead he was to command, strengthen and encourage Yehosuhua for he was to cross the Jews over the Jordan river and make them inherit the land which Moshe was now going to see.

[edit] Across from Beis Peor

The Jews camped in the valley opposite Beis Peor

[edit] The Warning

Moshe proceeded to warn the Jews to listen to the statutes and judgments that he taught them, in order that they may live and conquest the land that Hashem the G-D of their forefathers was giving them. They are not to add to the word which Moshe commanded them, nor diminish from it, when it comes to observing the commandments of the Hashem. Moshe then reminded them what they had seen Hashem to at the incident of Baal Peor, where every man who strayed after Baal Peor, He exterminated from their midst. But those that cleave to Hashem are all alive on this day.

[edit] References

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