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[edit] Leaving Beer Sheva

As a result of Yitzchak's command that Yackov marry a women from his family,[1] he left that very day[2] from Beer Sheva, leaving a large vacuum and taking with him its beauty, majesty and spender, for now it lacked its righteous resident.[1] Yackov ran away in a hidden way,[2] leaving with the intent to go[1] to Charan and get married.[2] On the way Yackov hid in the House of Ever[2] for 14 years.[2] Part of this time he hid in the House of Shem.[2]

[edit] Har Hamoria

As Yackov traveled towards Charon he passed by Yerushalim and the location of the Beis Hamikdash.[3] Since Yackov himself did not pay attention to stop at the location where his father had prayed on his own, he did not receive any sign from Heaven to do so either.[3] When Yackov reached Charon, he regretted passing the spot where his fathers had prayed and not stopping to pray there. He started traveling back, reaching Bet El.[3] At that point Mount Moriah jumped towards him[4] reaching him in Bet El.[3] Yackov arrived at the location of Mount Moriah,[4] where his descendants would later pilgrimage to three times a year.[5] He prayed[4] there establishing the nightly prayer of Mariv.[4] Yackov 'collided' to a deeper grasp of the essence of Har Hamoria then Avraham who had just 'seen it from afar'[6]

Yackov lodged there because the sun had set[4] suddenly and extinguished,[5] not at its usual time,[4] in order that he should sleep there.[4] The early setting of the sun also alluded to Yackov about the physical and spiritual suffering of the darkness of the exiles that would descend upon his descendants, sometimes while all seemed to be going well.[6]

He took some of the stones of the place and placed them surrounding his head like a drainpipe[4] out of fear of wild beasts.[4] For the first time in 14 years Yackov lay down to sleep, as all the years he served in the House of Ever, he would sleep sitting since he was engaged in Torah study.[4] Although for years he had pushed sleep out of his eyes, that was because he was serving Hashem through his mind via Torah study. However now Yackov was in a location that emanated from the 'Vacated Space' and there it is impossible to survive based on mental worship and only via pure Emunah faith. Therefore for the first time in 14 years he went fully to sleep, as when one sleeps he negates his mind and relies only on faith.[7]

[edit] The Dream

As Yackov lay down in that place, the stones started quarreling with one another, each wanting the Tzadik to lay his actual head on them.[4] Hashem therefore transformed the stones into a single stone.[4]

Yackov had a prophetic[8] dream and saw a ladder set up on the ground and its top reached to heaven. The bottom of the ladder stood in Beer Sheva, Southern Yehuda, the middle of the ladder hovered over the location of the Beis Hamikdash, Yerushalaim resting North in between the borders of Yehuda and Binyamin, while the top of the ladder stood above Bet El which stood even further North at the end of Binyamin.[3]

On it the angels of Hashem who who escorted him in Eretz Yisroel and were not able to leave the Land[9] and accompany him there,[8] were first[9] ascending the ladder. Then[9] he saw the angles of Diaspora[9] descending upon it, to escort him.[9] The ladder also alluded to a persons spiritual journey where he must climb level by level. At the same time he must go though many ascents and descents and the descents are a prerequisite of transcending to the next level.[6]

Yackov also experienced other revelations in his dream which include; the Heavenly Throne[8] - Chariot,[8] the voice of the Tzadikim's prayer is a ladder for the ascending of angels,[8] prayer is a ladder and one can ascend by concentrating on it,[8] the cycles of wealth and poverty,[8] and how when one is temporarily thrown to depths will end up rising to the sky.[8] Yackov also saw the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai,[8] entrance of the Nation into Eretz Yisroel,[8] the Alter Mezbeach[8] of the burnt sacrifices,[8] its ramp,[8] with the Kohanim ascending and descending on it,[8] the sacrifices[8] and their smoke ascending to Heaven.[8] He saw his descendants worshiping idolatry,[8] the taxation of the exiles[8] and the ends of the exiles.[8]

[edit] The Blessing

Hashem was standing over him, to guard him.[10] Hashem said that He was the Lord, G-D of his father Avraham and G-D of Yitzchak. Although Hashem does associates His name with the righteous during their lifetimes for He does not believe even in His holy ones until they prove themselves to the day of their passing, nevertheless, here He associated His name with Yitzchak because his eyes had become dim and he was confined in the house and was therefore like a dead person, the evil inclination having ceased.[10] Hashem folded up the entire Eretz Yisroel under Yackov, alluding to him that it would be easily conquered by his children[10] and promised him that the land which he was lying upon He would give to his descendants. Hashem blessed Yackov that his descendants will be like dust of the earth and he should gain strength[11] westward, eastward, northward and southward. Through him and his descendants all the families of the earth shall be blessed.

Hashem promised to be with Yackov and guard him wherever he goes and that he should not be afraid of Esav and Lavan.[12] Hashem will bring him back to Eretz Yisroel and will not forsake him until[12] He did everything He spoke for the benefit[12] of Yackov and concerning him.[12] This included all the blessings given to Avraham and his descendants, as these were promised for Yackov and not for Esav as Hashem promised it to part of Yitzchaks descendants and not all of them.[12]

Yackov awoke from his sleep and said that indeed Hashem was in this place and he did not know it. Had he known it Yackov would not have slept in such a holy place.[3] He was frightened and exclaimed what an awesome[3] place it was and it was none other then the house of Hashem and a place of prayer where the prayers ascend[3] to the gate of heaven since the Heavenly Temple is directly aligned to the Bais Hamikdash on Earth.[3]

Yackov arose early in the morning, taking the stone that he had placed at his head. He set it up as a monument, and poured oil on top of it. He named the place Bais El, but Luz was the original name of the city.

[edit] Crossing the Jordan River

Yackov placed his staff in the river and it split into two, allowing him to cross.[13]

[edit] Escape from Lavan

When the forces of evil attack a person and he fights back, not only is he able to recover the energy they stole from him, he is able to extract energy that was buried deep inside of them from what they had previously captured. Therefore when Yaakov battled Lavan he was able to extract from him massive amounts of holy energy that manifested as his four wives, the twelve tribes and great wealth.[14]

[edit] Angels of Eretz Yisroel

Yackov went on his way, and angels of Hashem met him. These were the same angels that had ascended on the ladder as he left Eretz Yisroel.[8]

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