Parashat Vayelech

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Parashat Vayelech is the 9th Parsha in the Book of Devorim. It contains 30 pesukim. For the Haftorah the section of 'Shuva Yisroel' from Hoshea 14 is read.

[edit] Call Yehoshua

Since Moshe was about to pass away and no one retains their power on the 'day of their passing'[1], Moshe did not have the ability to transfer all his powers upon Yehoshua by himself and need Hashem to do that part, since on the day of his passing the powers of the Tzadik return to Hashem. That is why Moshe was only to 'summon' Yehoshua but Hashem would 'instruct' him.[2]

[edit] References

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