Machon Alte Seminary of Tzfat

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Machon Alte Tzfat
Machon Alte Tzfat
מכון אלטה
Ma-chon Alte
Other Names:
Machon Alte, Chabad Girls' Seminary
Womens’ Chabad-Lubavitch seminary for religious studies in Tzfat.

Young and not-so-young women from throughout the world come to Tzfat to learn more about Judaism. Many women of all ages come to study at Machon Alte, the Chabad women’s seminary. The seminary offers classes for women who are exploring Judaism and traditional Jewish observance. The study follows the Chabad-Lubavitch philosophy and offers a number of different programs. The classes are also open to women who have a solid base in Jewish tradition.


[edit] History of Women's Study Programs in Safed

Womens’ Jewish learning programs have expanded in recent years with renewed interest among Jewish women who wish to live stronger traditional Jewish lives based on knowledge of Jewish texts, sources and ideas. Two of these seminaries, Machon Alte and Shaarei Bina serve English-speaking women ranging from high school age and onward. Each seminary teaches according to its philosophy. Women of all ages can find a strong learning program that fits a wide variety of viewpoints and ideas.

[edit] Machon Alte Seminary

Machon Alte was established in 1977. The founders envisioned the school as a Chabad-Lubavitch Seminary which would offer a full-time academic program for Jewish women who want to discover and nourish their Jewish heritage. It serves an important role in the local Chabad community.

[edit] Machon Alte Curriculum

The seminary offers a full curriculum which incorporates the study of Hassidic thought, specifically the Chabad-Lubavitch Hassidic philosophy, with classes such as Prophets, Dietary Laws, Jewish Home, Halacha (Jewish Law), Tehillim (Psalms), Chumash (Five Books of Moses), Hashkafa (outlook on Jewish Life) and more.

[edit] Machon Alte Students

Classes are open to women who sign up for a full year of study as well as to women who come in for a periodic class or want to see whether the Machon Alte classes are appropriate for them. Machon Alte offers a program geared towards young Russian-speaking women and non-Hebrew speakers can study Hebrew through the Machon Alte Hebrew ulpan. Students study with tutors or together with other students in “chevrusas” -- partner study.

[edit] Study for Young Girls

Machon Alte also offers a post-high school year in Israel for girls who want to spend a year of Israel study before continuing on to other pursuits. The Chaya Mushka seminar operates out of Machon Alte and offers a year-program for girls who have completed their 12th grade. Many other seminaries, colleges and universities accept the Chaya Mushka credits for girls who want to continue with their studies beyond the seminary year.

[edit] Machon Alte Location

The Machon Alte seminary is located off of Jerusalem Street in the center of Tzfat. The school is in an old stone building which was once the historic Herzliya Hotel. Rooms are furnished and many have adjoining private bathroom and shower facilities. Students enjoy easy walking access to Tzfat’s commercial district as well as to the Old Jewish Quarter of the city.


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