Orot HaAri Institutions Safed

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Orot HaAri Tzfat
Orot HaAri Institutions Safed
ישיבת אורות האר”י צפת
Or-ot Ha’Ari
Light of the Ari
Other Names:
Rav Scheinberg Yeshivah, Mechina K’dam Tz’vai
Tzfat based institution offering a wide variety of services and study options according to the teachings of Rabbi Avraham Yitzhak Kook.

Rav Ezra Scheinberg is the “Rosh Yeshiva” -- head of the yeshiva -- of Orot HaAri, a Tzfat based yeshiva which includes a variety of options for study. The yeshiva’s “Mechina K’dam Tz’vai” program -- Army preparatory yeshiva -- provides a framework for young men who wish to study Jewish texts before beginning their army service. A variety of post-army programs also operate at Orot HaAri.


[edit] Orot HaAri

The Orot HaAri yeshiva, named after the Arizal, opened in 1999 as a religious Mechina K’dam Tzvai for the Air Force. The Mechina, an army preparatory program, evolved into a program for young men who planned to serve in any of the army’s branches. Over time the yeshiva grew into a network which offered varying programs and projects. Orot HaAri operates under the auspices of Rav Ezra Scheinberg, a scholar of Torah and Kabbalah.

[edit] Tzfat’s Mechinat K’dam Tzvai

Orot HaAri provides a year’s religious preparation for 18-year-old boys who are taking a year of extra study before they begin their army service. The “mechina” -- preparatory -- program operates in religious and non-religious frameworks throughout the country, enabling young men and women to prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for their army service. Some religious mechinot are co-ed but Orot HaAri is a program which serves only young men. The yeshivah encourages its mechina graduates to complete their army service in the Nahal Haredi religious army unit.

[edit] Yeshiva Gevoa’ah

Many students return after their army service to study in the yeshiva’s “Yeshiva Gevoa’ah” -- yeshiva for young men. The studies are based on the teachings and interpretations of Rabbi Avraham Yitzhak Kook and stress proper behavior, love of one’s fellow man and love of the Land of Israel.

[edit] Teaching Certification

Yeshiva students and community members may register for the yeshiva’s teaching credential program which grants a teaching credential to teach religious subjects to 7th and 8th graders. This credential is recognized by Israel’s Ministry of Education. Many of the students go on to complete another year of education and obtain a full teaching license.

[edit] Kollel

Orot HaAri operates a “Kollel” -- study for married men. There are options for full-day study or, for working men, evening study.

[edit] Alumni

Alumni of Orot HaAri can be found throughout the country. The yeshivah encourages its alumni to become involved with their local communities through educational initiatives and community service. The yeshivah stresses the importance of moving into the general population to increase Israeli’s exposure to religion and a Torah lifestyle.

[edit] Location

Orot HaAri is located in the Canaan neighborhood next to the city’s open-air market. There are dormitory facilities on site for students who dorm at the yeshiva.

[edit] Services

In addition to the study options the Orot HaAri institutions operate two kindergartens for boys, Gur HaAri and Perchai HaAri, as well as a day care center, “Nitzanai HaAri” for babies and toddlers. There is transportation available which allows families from throughout the city to send their children to these facilities.


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