Tallis and Tefillin Bags

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Tallis and Tefillin Bags
 Tallis and Tefillin Bags
Wide range to suit all tastes
Simple to elaborate
There are a wide range of tallis and tefillin bag styles to suit all tastes and pocketbooks

A tallis and a pair of tefilin are Jewish ritual objects which are placed in a suitable pouch bag when not in use. These tallis and tefillin bag sets are available in a variety of materials and designs and are priced accordingly.


[edit] Tallis and Tefillin Bags

Tallit and tefillin bag pouch sets are used by Jewish observant men to keep these ritual items in good order and to protect them from damage both spiritual and physical. They come in a range of styles and materials from traditional velvet to cowhide fur. These pouch sets are often given as gifts for ceremonial rites of passage like a boy’s Bar Mitzvah or his wedding.

[edit] Types of Tallis & Tefillin bags

The choice of tefillin and tallis bags available ranges from luxury pouch sets, executive style bags suitable for the busy professional, or simple bags for the new Bar Mitzvah boy, making it difficult to choose. However all types of tefilin and tallit bags can be personalized, often with the man’s Hebrew name written in embroidery, so that they are easy to pick out from the crowd. With the many types of materials and styles available, many people choose to buy online from Israeli companies to support the economy.

[edit] Velvet

Velvet tefillin and tallit bags, often in a deep rich blue, are very traditional and easy to personalize. They enable the user to blend in in any synagogue and are reasonably priced. They are very popular and are often given as a gift for the new Bar Mitzvah boy.

[edit] Suede

Suede is considered to be a luxury fabric at the high-end of the market and makes excellent pouch sets for tefilin and tallits. These types of bags are soft and flexible lasting longer than cloth but are more subject to staining, which means it is important to keep these sets in a protective cover.

[edit] Leather

Bags made of leather also give a luxury high-end look and are extremely long-lasting. These pouch sets, especially those with handles, are ideal for the busy business man who needs to have an easy-to-carry smart bag to take on his travels.

[edit] Needlepoint

For the creative type it is possible to make a very unique gift – a needlepoint tefilin and tallis bag set. This ancient craft is also known as canvas embroidery. There are many kits available for the inexperienced, while the expert craftsperson can design and produce a needlepoint pouch set that is truly one-of-a-kind.

[edit] Silk

Silk, a natural fibre, is a fabric that makes for a high-end bag set for tallit and tefillin. Coordinated with a matching silk skull cap and prayer shawl makes an ideal gift for a chatan (groom), or for someone who travels a lot, as the combination is extremely lightweight.

[edit] Cowhide Fur

Raw cowhide fur talis and tefilin pouch bags are very popular in the Chassidic world, as they have a smart appearance with the fur on the outside giving a look similar to the sable fur hats worn on Shabbat and other holy days. Raw cowhide fur is very strong, and long lasting, and of course each set is individual, as no two animal hides are the same.

[edit] Tallit and Tefillin Bag Covers

Putting tallit and tefilin bags into another bag may seem redundant, but many people chose one type of bag or another to protect their pouch sets from the elements and make them easy to transport.

[edit] Plastic

Clear plastic covers for tefilin and tallis bags are very common and are easy to carry under the arm. They protect the pouch sets from the elements and can be cheaply replaced if they get damaged. These plastic covers are usually large enough to hold a prayer book or two as well as the tallit and tefillin pouch sets.

[edit] Tote Bags

Tote bags are a smart professional solution for the Jewish observant business man to carry his tallit and tefilin bag set. The tote bags come with a choice of handle and strap and they are small enough to count as part of an airplane carry-on luggage allowance.

[edit] Tallit and Tefillin Bag Standard Sizes

In previous generations very small tefilin were common, while nowadays most tefilin come in a regular standard size. There are a couple of exceptions though. Rabbanue Tam tefilin, often worn by men in Hassidic groups in addition to regular (Rashi) tefilin is one, and Chabad tefillin, which tends to be slightly larger than typical tefilin is another. It is therefore important when buying bag sets to check which size or type of tefilin the person uses to make sure to get the right size or number of tefilin bags. Tallits also vary in size,depending both on custom and the person's height, so a larger tallit bag is a prudent choice.

[edit] Tallit and Tefillin Bags Designs

Designs of tallit and tefillin bags range from extremely plain and simple, to very individual elaborate one-of-a-kind artistic pieces. With today’s manufacturing techniques even the simplest traditional design can be personalized, while modern designs often have matching tallit and kippot. The amount of choice available means that it is easy to choose something that even the most discriminating man about town will approve of.

[edit] Chabad Tallit and Tefillin Bags

Members of the Chabad movement have their own unique style and many choose to have a design of the movement’s headquarters building in Crown Heights, New York on their tallit and tefilin bags.

[edit] Tallit and Tefillin Bag Manufacturers

There are a number of tallit and tefillin bag manufacturers, especially in Israel. They range from companies that offer individual hand crafted bag sets, to ones that use the latest automated technology to produce their goods. Many offer physical or virtual guided tours of their premises as well as enabling customers to buy in person or online.

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