Raw Cowhide Fur Tallit and Tefillin Bags

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Cowhide Fur Talit Bags
 Raw Cowhide Fur Talit & Tefilin Bags
Raw Cowhide Fur
Pouches made from cow hide with the fur left on, giving an unusual and smart appearance for tallit and tefilin bags.

Raw Cowhide Fur Tallit and Tefilin bags are made from the skin of cows with the fur left on. They are particularly popular with Chassidic Jewish men as they are very individual and reminiscent the shtreimel worn on the Sabbath.


[edit] Material

Raw cowhide fur is the skin of a cow which has been processed with the fur left on, while regular rawhide is the skin of an animal which has had all the fur, meat and other substances removed. Both types of rawhide are not processed using tanning like leather but are stretched over a frame and left to dry, often in the sun. This means they can be used for parchment, drum heads, whips and of course the famous rawhide saddles. After processing to ensure cleanliness and flexibility the raw cowhide fur can be used for a variety of things ranging from rugs to upholstery.

Another popular use for raw cowhide fur is for bags, like the sporran pouch that Scottish men wear around their waist with their kilts on formal occasions. Raw cowhide fur is often a preferred material chosen by Chassidic Jews for their tefilin and tallit bags.

[edit] Durability

Raw cowhide tallis and tefilin bags are strong, although not as strong as regular leather pouches. Just like cows, that can stand in the rain, rawhide fur talis and teffilin bags can handle water without damage. This enables their use in bad weather without needing a plastic cover. Religious Jews carry their religious prayer items to the synagogue on a daily basis making these natural weather-proof tefilin and tallit bags very useful.

[edit] Individual

Raw cowhide tallit and tefilin bags have the fur on the outside of the bag, showing the natural pattern of the animal’s hair. As no animal has exactly the same pattern, color or shade of fur, each tallit and tefillin bag set will be uniquely different. They can of course be personalized, but they will stand out from the crowd regardless.

[edit] Chassidic Jews

Cowhide fur tallis and tefilin pouches are particularly popular with certain Chassidic sects. For a Chassidic Jew who wears a sable shtreimel on the Sabbath, having a raw cowhide fur talit and tefilin bag set during the week will be very attractive. Raw cowhide fur tallit bags can also make an excellent gift for any Jewish man who would like an individual style bag for special occasions like Passover, High Holy Days or other Jewish holidays.

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