Tallit and Tefillin Bag Manufacturers

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Tallit and Tefillin Bag Manufacturers
Tallit & Tefillin Bag Manufacturers
produce a wide range of tefillin and tallit bags from very simple affordable bags, to highly personal one-off creations by individual artists.

Tefilin and Tallit bag manufacturers produce everything from a traditional velvet bag for a Bar Mitzvah boy to the ultra-modern tote style bag that is perfect for the busy travelling executive.


[edit] Manufacturers

There are a wide variety of tallit and tefillin bag manufacturers, many of whom are based in Israel. These manufacturers usually offer other Judaica textile products like tallits together with their tallit and tefilin bags. This makes it very easy for people wanting to give chatan or bar mitzvah gifts to get the tallit, the pouch set and a kippa (skullcap) all to match. Many people choose to buy these pouch sets from Israeli companies in person or online to support the Israeli economy.

[edit] Manufacturing Processes

The main difference between manufacturers is how much of a mechanized process they use in the manufacturing of the material to make the bags. Some companies use only hand-woven material in craft workshops and personalized by hand, which make their products much more expensive than manufacturers that use automated machinery. Other manufacturers use a variety of different materials to make their tallit and tefilin bags automating the process as much as possible. This enables the user to get a good quality bag set at a very reasonable price whether they prefer a traditional velvet bag or a more sturdy leather or cowhide fur set.

[edit] Manufacturers of Hand-Made Sets

Manufacturers of handmade tallit and tefilin bags in Israel include Galilee Silks, Rikmat Elimelech, and Yair Emanuel as well as a variety of high-end products made by individual textile artists. There are also a variety of kits available which mean that someone can make or personalize a pouch set as a gift.

[edit] Tours and Online

Many companies offer guided tours of their premises, explain the whole process, and enable these tourists to buy personalized products at the end of their visit. There are also virtual online tours, and of course you can order an individualized gift pouch set online.

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