Chabad Tallit and Tefillin Bags

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Chabad Talit & Tefillin Bags
Chabad Tallit and Tefillin Bags
Other Names:
Lubavitch Tallit and Tefillin Bags, 770 Tallit and Tefillin Bags
Tallit and Tefillin bags used by members of the Chabad group, often embroidered or embossed with a picture of their 770 headquarters building.

Chabad Tallis and Tefilin bags are often decorated with a picture of their movement’s 770 headquarters. This Chassidic group, has many of its own customs and accordingly has its own designs for tefilin and tallit pouches. Since members of the Chabad group wear Rabbanue Tam teffilin, their sets require two teffilin bags.

[edit] 770 Design

Members of the Chabad Chassidic group, also known as Lubavitch, often choose a tefilin and tallis pouch set which incorporates a design of the organization’s headquarters building at 770 Eastern Parkway, in Crown Heights, New York. These designs can either be embroidered or embossed, depending on the bag material. Common materials used in Chabad talis and tefilin bags are leather, suede, silk, needlepoint and most commonly velvet.

[edit] Double Tefilin Bags

One of the customs of Chabad is to use two different sets of tefilin: - regular tefilin known as Rashi, and the other set, known as Rabbeinu Tam. This means that it is important to have two tefilin bags, and a large enough tallit bag to hold both sets of tefilin. Chabad tefilin are usually slightly larger than other tefilin but generally fit into standard sized teffilin bags.

[edit] Rabbanue Tam Tefillin

Rabbeinu Tam was the grandson of Rashi and had a different opinion as to the order that the parshiot (small scrolls with biblical verses) should be put into the tefilin. Due to this difference of opinion, Chassidic group like Chabad, Breslev, some Sephardim, as well as men who are particularly scrupulous to keep the mitzvoth properly according to the different opinions, put on each set of tefilin, one after the other. They usually keep them in separate tefillin bags so that they are not confused, because from the outside there is very little difference in the appearance of the tefilin.

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