Ziv Hospital Safed

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Ziv Hospital Tzfat
Ziv Hospital Safed
בית חולים רבקה זיו
Riv-ka-ah Ze-ev
Other Names:
Ziv Hospital, Rebecca Seiff Hospital, Tzfat Hospital
ospital serving residents of Tzfat and the surrounding communities.

The Rebecca Sieff (Ziv) Hospital of Tzfat, located on David Elazar Street in southern Tzfat, serves Jewish, Arab and Druze residents of the upper Galilee and the Golan Heights.


[edit] History

Up until 1910 the Jewish residents of Tzfat could only receive advanced medical treatment in Tzfat at the Scottish Hospital, built by Scottish missionaries to augment their missionary activities. Staff at the Scottish Hospital preached Christianity to sick and injured Jews during their most vulnerable moments and this angered the Jewish leadership of Tzfat.

[edit] Rothschild Hospital

In 1910 the Rothschild family donated funds to open a Jewish hospital in Tzfat. The hospital was located in the center of the city on Jerusalem Street and provided basic medical care to Tzfat residents. It was eventually incorporated under the auspices of the Hadassah Medical community. A separate maternity hospital served the needs of new mothers and their babies.

[edit] New Facilities

In 1973, thanks to the donation of the Seiff family of Manchester England in memory of Rebecca Seiff, the hospital relocated to new facilities in Tzfat’s southern neighborhood. The new hospital facilities opened several months before the 1973 Yom Kippur War broke out and almost immediately it became known for its efficienty, professional and caring staff and high quality medical care.

[edit] Community Hospital

The Ziv hospital serves a multi-cultural population which resides in Tzfat and the surrounding towns, villages and “moshavs and kibbutzim” -- farming villages and collectives. Hospital staff and the clients include both native-born and immigrant Israelis including Jews, Arabs, Druze and other ethnicities who live in the area. The staff of the hospital reflects this diversity and the hospital employs individuals who are, in addition to native-born Israeli Jews and Arabs, native Russian, Amharic, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and English speakers.

[edit] Services

The Ziv hospital operates the regional trauma unit of the area and treats wounded soldiers during times of conflict. In addition to its well-equipped emergency room, the Ziv hospital operates an emergency room in the nearby town of Kiryat Shmoneh, 45 minutes northeast of Tzfat.

[edit] Departments

The hospital offers almost all of the services that a patient would find in any larger hospital. There is a busy obstetrics unit that oversees the births of almost 3000 babies yearly, as well as a large pediatrics unit which cares for close to 3000 children every year. Other departments at the hospital include oncology, dialysis, cardiac, gynecology, nuclear medicine, orthopedic, optometry and internal medicine. There is a surgery unit which oversees thousands of surgical procedures every year.

[edit] Preventative Care

The hospital also receives referrals for preventative care analysis and tests such as CT scans, MRIs, mammographies and tissue analysis. These tests are then reviewed by each patient’s primary care doctor at his or her own health fund.

[edit] Special Units

The hospital operates a state-of-the-art neonatal ICU, a child development center and a school of nursing. As of October 2011, Israel opened a medical school in Safed in conjunction with the Ziv Medical Center and the Technion’s Rappaport School of Medicine.


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