Rikmat Elimelech

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Rikmat Elimelech
 Rikmat Elimelech
Moshav Kfar Pines, Northern Israel
Israeli moshav based company producing handwoven Judaica.

Rikmat Elimelech is an Israeli company that produces a wide range of embroidered and handwoven Judaica including tallit and tefilin bags in unusual colors and designs.

[edit] The Company

Rikmat Elimelech is located on the Kfar Pines moshav, which is part of the Menashe Regional Council in northern Israel, near Haifa. Kfar Pines was founded in 1933 before the establishment of the State of Israel and is home to some 100 families. Rikmat Elimelech produces a wide range of hundreds of both traditional and modern Judaica products and offers tours of the plant to visiting groups. It was founded in 1949 by Elimelech Shweitze who was an embroidery artist. Many of the company’s products have vivid colors and embroidery appealing to men and women alike.

[edit] Tallit and Tefilin Bags

Rikmat Elimelech produces handwoven tallits together with matching kippot and tallit and tefilin pouch sets. In addition to producing pure silk products, the company also uses a special combination of silk and wool to produce a strong woven cloth with a soft feel. Designs vary from traditional black or blue and white to softer more modern designs using gentle colors like grey, purple or pink. Rikmat Elimelech also produces tefilin and tallit bags made of silk or suede with a variety of designs embroidered on the top of the pouch. All designs can of course be personalized with the person’s name in Hebrew. With all products handmade on the moshav, Rikmat Elimelech offers visitors an opportunity to see how their tallit and tefilin bag are manufactured.

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