Parashat Noach

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Parashat Noach


[edit] Noach's Ark

[edit] Noach's Family

Noach was a righteous man, with good deeds.[1] He was perfect in his generations who walked in the ways of Hashem who encouraged him, unlike Avraham who would strengthened himself in his righteousness.[2] Noach had three sons; Shem, Cham, and Yafes.

[edit] World's Perversion

The world became corrupted with immorality and idolatry[3] and full of robbery.[4] Hashem saw the corruption and how all creatures including cattle, beasts and birds had corrupted their ways by mating with members of other species.[5]

Hashem told Noach that he plans on destroying all life on the world due to their immorality and idolatry which brings death to the world, killing both good and bad. Despite this their final verdict was sealed only because of mass robbery.[6] Even the earth would be destroyed, blotted out and obliterated to the depth of roughly a foot (27 cm).[7]

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