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Parashat Bereishit is the first Parsha in the Book of Bereishit and the first Parsha of the Torah.


[edit] Creation

Hashem creates the universe in six days.

[edit] First Day

Hashem creates the sky, land and light. He then separates the light and darkness, calling the light day and the darkness night.

[edit] Second Day

Hashem strengthens the firmament using it to separate between the upper and lower waters. He then names the upper worlds 'sky' and creates the angels.

[edit] Third Day

Hashem gathers the lower waters into one pool, naming the dry area 'land' and the water 'ocean'. Hashem then creates the potential for grasses and fruit trees, although they did not sprout until the sixth day.

[edit] Fourth Day

Hashem pins the sun and moon in the firmament They are to rotate positions each day and restart their cycles once a year. They will serve the purpose of separate between day and night, create signals for establishing the Jewish holidays, provide light to the world, Hashem then shrinks the moon but creates it stars as a compensation.

[edit] Fifth Day

Hashem creates the sea and air animals.

[edit] Sixth Day

Hashem creates the land animals, Adam, Chava and Gan Eden.

[edit] Creation of Adam

Hashem creates Adam from the earth forming him with a G-dly image and then blowing a soul into him. Hashem blesses Adam to procreate and gives him dominance over the animals. He then permits the animals to eat vegetation but does not permit the eating of flesh. After Adam prays for rain, the vegetation begins to grow.

[edit] Creation of Gan Eden

Hashem creates a garden on the Eastern side of Eden. In the garden are many trees including the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge. There is a river that waters the garden which afterwords separates to four smaller rivers; Pishon, Gichon, Chidekel and Pras. Hashem appoints Adam as the caretaker and guardian of the garden and permits him to eat from all the trees aside from the Tree of Knowledge.

[edit] Creation of Chava

Hashem declares that Adam needs a helper. After Adam names all the animals and can not find a suitable helper, Hashem places him in a deep sleep. He then takes one of his ribs and forms a woman out of it. Adam names her a 'wife'. The two walk undressed with no embarrassment.

[edit] Shabbos

Hashem finishes creation right before Shabbos and then takes a rest and blesses it making it holy.

[edit] Sin of Adam

[edit] Seduction of Snake

The snake seduces Chava into eating from the Tree of Knowledge claiming it will give her G-dly powers. After touching the tree and remaining unharmed Chava eats from it and then feeds some to her husband. Upon eating the forbidden fruit they gain knowledge and realize they are undressed. Out of embarrassment they create garments and then hide from Hashem among the trees of the garden. Hashem calls out to Adam who then admits he was hiding since he was undressed. Hashem asks Adam if he ate from the Tree of Knowledge. Adam confesses that he did but blames it on Chava who in-turn blames it on the snake.

[edit] Punishments

Hashem punishes the snake with ten curses[1] including having crawl on his stomach, eat dust and forever be hated by humans. Additionally the hands and legs he previously had were cut off from him.[1] Chava is punished with ten curses[1] including women having to suffer the pain of child raising, pain of pregnancy, pain of birth and always require attention from her husband. Adam is punished with ten curses[1] including having the ground cursed because of him, from now on it will sprout thorns in place of crops and men will eat bread only through the sweat of their brow. The ground is punished with nine curses since it had the abitiy to protest and prevent Adom from eating for the tree of death.[1]

[edit] Naming of Chava

Adam names his wife Chava since she is the mother of all those alive (Chi).

[edit] Skin Garments

Hashem dresses Adam and Chava in skin garments.

[edit] Expulsion

Adam is expelled from the garden to prevent him from eating from the Tree of Life. Hashem places damaging angles and the blade of the rotating sward at the gate of the garden to prevent Adam from reentering it.

[edit] Kayin & Hevel

[edit] Birth

Kayin and Hevel are born to Adam and Chava. Hevel becomes a shepherd while Hayin works the land.

[edit] Sacrifices

Kayin and Hevel both offer sacrifices to Hashem. Hevel's sacrifice is accepted while Hayin's is rejected. Upon seeing this, Kayin's face drops. Hashem teaches Kayin about the Evil Urge and how it can be overcome.

[edit] Murder

Kayin murders Hevel. Hashem punishes the ground for swalowing Hevel's blood. Kayin is punished to from now on wander the earth. Kayin pleads for mercy and Hashem places a letter mark on his forehead to save him from being attacked by wild beasts for seven generations.

[edit] Generations of Kayin

  1. Kayin gives births Chanoch and builds a city for him naming it after his son.
  2. Chanoch births Eirad.
  3. Eirad births Machviel
  4. Machviel births Mesushelach
  5. Mesushelach births Lemech
  6. Lemech births Yuval and Yoval from his wife Ada and Tuval Kayin and Nama from his wife Tzila.

[edit] Death of Kayin

Lemech accidentally kills his ancestor Kayin and he is hunting blindly guided by his son Tuval Kayin. He then kills Tuval Kayin. Lemech's two wives separate from him and he wounder why he received and immediately punishment while Kayin's was delayed for seven generations.

[edit] Adam's Descendants

There are ten generations form Adam until Noach

  1. Adam lives for 930 years
  2. Shes lives for 912 years
  3. Enosh lives for 905 years
  4. Kanun lives for 910 years
  5. Mehalalel lives for 895 years
  6. Yered lives for 962 years
  7. Chanoch lives for 365 years and is then taken by Hashem
  8. Mesushelach lives for 969 years
  9. Lemech lives for 777 years
  10. Noach has three sons Shem, Cham and Yafes

[edit] Perversion

After the world is perverted by the fallen angles, Hashem declares that he will give mankind an opportunity of 120 years to repent. These giants attempt to rebel against Hashem with their strength and they are called 'Nifilim'. Hashem decides to destroy the now corrupted world but Noach finds favor in His eyes.

[edit] References

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