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Michael Gorban
 Michael Gorban
Other name:
Misha Gorban
1956, Jagovka, Ukraine
Petach Tikvah, Israel since 1990
Russian-Israeli representational artist
Russian-Israeli artist that paints representational pictures, youngest artist ever to exhibit at the Hermitage museum.

Michael Gorban is a Russian-Israeli artist whose talent was recognized at a young age. One of his first exhibitions was at the Hermitage in Leningrad and Gorban's work continues to be shown in prestigious galleries around the world. He is the brother of artist Dima Gorban


[edit] Background

Michael Gorban was born in Jagovka, Ukraine in 1956. Gorban showed a talent for art from a young age and in order to develop this talent his parents decided to move to Kishinev, Moldova. In Kishinev there was a special elementary school that specialized in art. Considered a child prodigy the young artist was able to study art for three hours a day before he even got to high school. For high school Michael Gorban went to the Kishinev Higher School for the Painting Arts and graduated in 1976. When it was time to go to college Gorban moved to Lvov where he attended the Academy for Painting, specializing in graphics and graduating in 1982.

[edit] Russia

Thirty is considered very young for an artist; nevertheless in 1986 Michael Gorban was given the opportunity to exhibit his work in one of the most prestigious museums in the world. The Hermitage in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) displayed Gorban’s work for over a year in an international exhibition and he is still the youngest painter ever to show work in this museum. Three of his pictures are also in an album of the national history of Russian art where Michael Gorban is recognized as one of the young artists of the country between 1960 and 1980.

[edit] Israel

In 1990, with the opening up of the Soviet Union’s borders, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Michael Gorban took the opportunity to make aliyah to Israel with his family. His younger brother Dima, who is also an artist, made aliyah at the same time. Gorban is still much admired in the countries of the Former Soviet Union, where his work can be found in most of the major art galleries. Michael Gorban is now also a well-recognized Israeli artist and he works from his studio in Petach Tikvah.

[edit] Style

Michael Gorban’s style is very representational and easy on the eye. His paintings are full of light and color and many of them have images of charming children. Gorban also paints still life pictures, with typical themes of flowers, chairs, and musical instruments in a various combinations. Gorban mainly paints in the traditional way in oils on canvas and he has both originals and Giclee limited edition prints of his work.

Michael Gorban has regular exhibitions in the United States, Japan and other countries. His work can be found online, in museums and in galleries around the world.

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