Dima Gorban

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Dima Gorban
 Dima Gorban
1961, Jagovka, Ukraine
Israel since 1990
Russian-Israeli graphic artist and painter
A Russian-Israeli graphic artist and painter who specializes in painting pictures of wine and wine bottles. A younger brother of artist Michael Gorban.

Dima Gorban is a Russian-Israeli graphic artist and painter. He studied art in the same schools and university as his older brother Michael and is recognized as a painter in his own right. Dima made aliyah to Israel in 1990.

[edit] Background

Like his older brother, the artist Michael Gorban, Dima Gorban was born in Jagovka, Ukraine (1961). When he was three the family moved to Kishinev, Moldova so that his brother could go to a special elementary school that taught painting. With his brother leading the way, Dima also began to paint and draw.

By 1971, when Dima Gorban was ten, he followed Michael’s footsteps and was admitted to the Kishinev School of Art. There he won an award for the being the most promising young artist of school at that time. Dima also attended the Higher School for the Painting Arts and graduated in 1980. He participated in many group exhibitions all over Moldovia and his work soon came to the attention of the Drawing Department of the Moscow Film Academy which chose two of his sketches for their permanent exhibition. In 1990, a year after Dima finished his formal artistic training at the Lvov Academy for Painting, he decided to make aliyah to Israel with the rest of his family.

[edit] Israel

In Russia Dima Gorban had worked as a graphic designer for a winery, designing their all-important wine bottle labels, while building up up a good reputation. During this period Dima also produced his own work. After making aliyah, life in Israel wasn’t always easy, Dima managed to get work as a graphic designer for a textile manufacturer. Amongst other work he designed their fashion T-shirts which were sold in many countries around the world. After several years of doing graphic design, Gorban decided to return to his first love, painting.

[edit] =Wine Paintings

Dima Gorban started painting wine pictures when he was working at the winery in Russia. Dima had grown up surrounded by wine as his grandfather produce wine for the family from the grapes that grew in their backyard. As a child Dima regularly spent many hours helping his grandfather produce the wine. This gave him an appreciation not only of wine, but of the work involved in producing the wine. Dima mainly paints still life pictures of various arrangements of wine in both bottles and glasses. These paintings are very attractive and appealing, especially for the wine lover and make excellent prints.

Dima Gorban’s original paintings and limited edition prints can be seen in various online galleries, and he is represented in galleries in Israel and abroad.

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