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Academy of Voice Tzfat
Academy of Voice Tzfat
Other Names:
The International Institute of Voice Development Tzfat, International Academy of Voice and Music
A Tzfat-based institution which provides voice instruction as a spiritual approach to speaking, singing and communicating.

The International Academy of Voice is run by Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman. It teaches voice, based on the philosophy that singers can develop their voices to their highest potential if they follow the strategy of the Levites who sang in the first and second Jerusalem Temples.


[edit] International Academy of Voice Tzfat

The Tzfat-based International Academy of Voice promotes voice instruction as a tool through which individuals can attain life skills alongside spirituality. Instruction at the Academy aims to guide singers to return their voice to its purest state which will result in a beautiful, easy, totally effortless healthy elastic sound. Singers who use the method will find that they can achieve the highest notes without straining their vocal cords.

[edit] "Giro Vocal Motion Technique" (GVMT)

The Academy employs the Giro Vocal Motion Technique, a program of voice instruction developed by the Academy’s founder, Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman to allow singers to develop their voice smoothly and evenly. GVMT combines breathing techniques with strategies to reconnect each individual with their inner self.

[edit] Academy Aims and Goals

The Academy aims to re-educate singers and teachers around the world in the art of voice as a vehicle for singing, communication and spirituality. The Academy offers Master classes for singers and teachers as well as a Cantorial Program. The Academy operates in the Old City of Tzfat.

[edit] Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman

Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman, the school’s founder and instructor, has been teaching vocal technique and vocal reconstruction for over 30 years. She instructs students about vocal production techniques and the impact that their physical and emotional state has on their singing abilities.

Ms. Arman’s background includes her role as the founder of Music Culture/Visions International Inc., founder of the International Academy of Voice and Stage, executive producer and director of the feature film “Ten Tenors from Ten Countries” and many teaching roles worldwide. She is also an artist who exhibits her holographic and three dimensional glass fusions.

[edit] Religious Guidelines

Ms. Arman’s voice instruction does not include her own singing. This allows Orthodox men, who generally abstain from listening to a woman sing, to participate in her classes. Ms. Arman has taught a Master Class at "Beit Sefer Hamerkazi Le Chazzanut" -- The Central School for Cantors -- in Ramat Gan and instructs other students, both male and female, who span the Jewish religious spectrum. In addition to singers Ms. Arman works with individuals who experience difficulties with their voice or need to strengthen their voice after surgery.

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