Yetzer Hara

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[edit] Emptiness of Yetzer Hara

  • The Yetzer Hara deceives the entire world and gets everyone to chase after him but in the end has nothing to offer.[1]
    • He deceives each person making him believe he can provide his desires, each person according to his personal foolishness and lust.
    • At the end the Yetzer Hara offers complete emptiness since there is no one that can completely satisfy his lusts by following his Yetzer Hara.

Empty Desires and Lust Lusts of the physical world can be compared to rays of light. When they enter the home, sunrays appear like pillars due to the radiance of the sun. It appears that one can grab these pillars of light. Yet when they are grabbed and grasped, there is nothing in the hand. All the desires and lusts of this world are exactly like this. (Sichos Haran 6)

[edit] References

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