Safety and Security Window Film

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Safety Window Films
Safety and Security Window Film
Other Names:
Window Safety Films, Window Security Films
Films applied to windows to prevent shattering and other situations in which the window may implode.

Safety and security window films strengthen a window and protects the occupants from damage or harm that may occur due to intrusions, earthquakes and hurricanes. In the event of shattering, the film holds glass fragments together reducing potential injuries from flying pieces. Additionally the film holds the glass together reducing the risk of a break-in by making it harder for an intruder to penetrate through the glass panels.


[edit] Versions

Safety and security window film is available as a clear safety film or as a combination film which offers safety features along with sun control.

[edit] Sun Control

Safety and security window film may be ordered with sun control to let sunlight in while blocking heat and UV rays. The window's reflectivity then rejects heat penetration while allowing the majority of visible transmittance to flow into the house through the windows. This film can be lightly tinted or clear.

[edit] Manufacture

Safety and security window film is manufactured using micro-layers of strong, tear-resistant film. Adhesive coating bonds the film to the glass and the smooth-coated films offer superior optical clarity.

[edit] Performance

Performance of security and safety films is affected by the film's adhesive bond strength, the thickness of the polyester used in its manufacture, the quality of its application and frame of the window itself.

[edit] Laminated Glass

Laminated glass offers many of the same security and safety benefits as safety and security window film provides, but laminated glass must be manufactured as laminated glass in the factory. It is not possible to laminate a glazing panel after its manufacture or cut laminated glass after it has been processed. Safety and security window film can be applied to the glazing panel after its manufacture. A homeowner can even apply the safety and security window film himself after the window has already been installed.

[edit] Sizes

Thickness of safety and security window film varies between 100 micrometers to 525 micrometers. Level of the desired protection and the dimensions of the glass pane determine the thickness needed. Manufacturers recommend 100 micrometer film for glass up to 1/8 inch thick and 175 micrometer film for glass over 1/4 inch thick.

[edit] Manufacturers

Security and safety film is produced by a number of manufacturers including 3M, ProtectGard, SolarGard, llumar and SunTekFilms.

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