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Rabbi Yesa is a Tana that is often mentioned in the Zohar. He participated in the Idra Rabba and was one of the three sages that passed away during this spiritual revelation.

[edit] Rabbi Yesa and the Pauper

In the neighborhood of Rebbe Yesa lived a pauper whom no one took care of. He was ashamed of his situation and would not beg people for assistance. One day the pauper became weak from hunger. Rabbi Yesa passed by and heard a heavenly voice cry "Justice, justice, a soul is floating towards Me who has not reached his time to pass away! Woe is to the people of his city, that not a single was can be found who will revive his soul!"

Upon hearing this, Rabbi Yesa arose and poured date water and spiced wine into the mouth of the pauper. Sweat broke across the face of the pauper and his life returned to him. Later when Rabbi Yesa asked him what had happened, the pauper related how his soul had departed from him and was brought in front of the throne of Hashem the King. He had wanted to remain there but Hashem had desired to merit Rabbi Yessa with the act of saving him. There he had heard a decleration that Rabbi Yessa was destined to transcend his soul in a holy gathering that the Sages of the Zohar would invoke in Eretz Yisroel and there were three chairs set up for him and his friends. Rabbi Yesa informed the people of the city and from that day on they cared for this pauper.[1]

[edit] Idra Rabba

Rabbi Yessa passed away at the end of the Idra Rabba along with Rabbi Yossi bar Yaakov and Rabbi Chezkiyah bar Rav. He had been told about this before by a pauper who had gone through a near death out of body experience.

[edit] References

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