Rabbi Peretz Colombo

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Rebbe Peretz Colobo
Abuhav Synagogue
רב פרץ קולומבו
Perez, Peres, Peretz, Colobo, Colombo, Kalambo
Spiritual leader of Safed right before it grew into become the Center of Kabbalah.

Rabbi Perez Colobo was the spiritual leader of Safed during the early 1490's. Tzfat at the time was a still a very small community and Rabbi Perez Colobo had to maintain a small grocery store to support himself. He was eventually succeeded by Rabbi Yosef Saragossi who turned Tzfat into the world center of Kabbalah.

Originally from Spain, Rabbi Perez Colombo foresaw the evil decrees coming and left the country in 1480, 12 years before the expulsion.

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