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[edit] Books of Philosophy

  • The books of the philosophers lack real depth and have no complete intelligence in there at all, as opposed to a teaching of the Maharsha, Maharam and our other holy books, which have depth and wondrous, sweet knowledge in them.[1]
    • Philosophy books speak in the way of questions, back and forth until they come to some proof and the intelligence found in our holy Torah, is not there at all.[1]

[edit] Damage of Philosophy

  • Every human is born with wickedness, and naturally follows it and his evil desires. Only due to 'fear of punishment' one breaks his desires and starts serving Hashem.[1]
    • When one learns the books of philosophy - doubt and atheism enter his heart, aiding his natural wickedness.[1]
  • We did not find anyone that was made righteous and G-D fearing through philosophy books.[1]
    • Although they discuss things like good traits; it is all emptiness and their loss is greater than their gain, since they greatly confuse a person's mind.[1]

[edit] Everyone Philosophizes

  • Although it appears that most people are far from philosophy, in truth they are all entangled in philosophical delving.[2]
    • Each person including the minor ones have philosophical calculations and philosophical confusions enter their minds.[2]
  • There is a philosopher in the heart of every person since the Evil Inclination brings philosophical calculations into his heart. One must subdue and evict all these calculations from his heart and strengthen himself with faith.[2]

[edit] Distance from Philosophy

  • One must distance and totally remove philosophy from his heart and not be a philosopher at all. Rather he should have faith in Hashem and the Tzadikim with out any calculations at all.[2]
    • It is forbidden to study philosophy books or even look in them.[3]
    • This includes the philosophy books written leading Jewish Rabbis.[3]
    • Philosophy is not a portion of the Jews, and we have no connection to it, since we believe in Hashem through faith,[3] without any calculations, that He created the entire World, constantly gives existence to the World and will renew the World in the future.[3]

[edit] Philosophical Answers are Weak

  • Philosophy books tend to ask what seem to be very large questions, then supply only very weak answers.[3] One can then easily debate and refute the answers.[3] It is therefore forbidden to study philosophy.[3]

[edit] References

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