Kabbalah in Safed

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Tzfat Kabbala
Tzfat Kabbala
קבלה בצפת
Kabala, Kabbala, Kabbalah, Cabala, Cabbala, Cabbalah, Qabala, Qabbala, Qabbalah
Other Names:
Tzfat Kabbalah, Tzfas Mysticism
Jewish Mysticism in the city of Tzfat, Israel.

Tzfat is known as the City of Kabbalah. Scholars, artists and individuals who are simply interested in learning more about Jewish Mysticism come to Safed to take advantage of the resources available for Kabbalah exploration.


[edit] Overview

The arrival in Tzfat of the great Kabbalists of the 15th century cemented the reputation of the city as the “City of Kabbalah.”

[edit] History

The Spanish Inquisition and Expulsion of the Jews in 1492 created the Jewish World’s greatest upheaval since the destruction of the Second Temple. Spain had been the center of much of the Jewish world during Medieval times and the expulsion decree forced many Jews to openly convert to Christianity while others fled to distant lands and an unknown future.

Many Jews saw the events as a foretelling of the Coming of the Messiah and decided to return to the Land of Israel to await the Messiah’s arrival. Among these were some of the greatest Kabbalistic scholars of the day including Rabbi Moshe Alsheich, Rabbi Moshe Cordevero and Rabbi Isaac Luria. Their presence in Tzfat introduced Safed’s “Golden Age” and brought about Tzfat’s reputation as the “City of Kabbalah.”

[edit] Modern Kabbalah

Until the late 20th century Kabbalah was seen as an esoteric discipline which was reserved for Jewish scholars who had a solid grasp of Torah and Talmud. In the late 20th century Kabbalah became popularized among Jews and non-Jews alike.

A number of Tzfat institutions and individuals have incorporated this interest into their programs and work in an effort to answer the public’s interest. They strive to maintain Kabbalah as an authentic Jewish study, derived from the Torah, and increase awareness that Kabbalah is not an independent religion. :)

[edit] Options for Kabbalah Exploration in Tzfat

There are several Tzfat options that individuals may explore if they would like to learn more about Kabbalah in Tzfat, both for short and long-term periods.

[edit] Ascent

The Ascent Institute of Safed is open daily for people who wish to learn more about Kabbalah and Judaism. Ascent offers free classes on subjects pertaining to Kabbalah, Judaism and Hassidic philosophy. In addition, there is an open library staffed by a rabbi who is on hand to answer questions and provide guidance for further study. Ascent Institute of Safed is located on HaAri Street on the edge of the Old Jewish Quarter.

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[edit] Nehora

The Nehora School was established by a couple, Kabbalah researchers who became involved in the study of Kabbalah through their translations of the works of Rav Yehuda Leib Ashlag, a 20th century Kabbalah scholar. After one of the researchers passed away his wife Yedida, continued with the work and eventually opened a school that offers one-on-one classes, lectures and online Kabbalah classes. Yedida’s ongoing analyses and translations as well as her commitment to personalized study have made the Nehora School school a convenient learning opportunity for serious Kabbalah scholars as well as newcomers to the field of Kabbalah study.

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[edit] International Center of Tzfat Kabbalah

The International Center of Tzfat Kabbalah is located on Alkabetz Street above the Fig Tree Gallery. The Center offers tours of Tzfat which focus on stories, insights and information about Kabbalah. The Center offers a bookstore and a 15-minute movie that offers an overview of Kabbalah and its Tzfat connections.

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