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[edit] Inventions Transmitted From Above

  • All innovations and ideas that came through scientists and inventors throughout history, such as weapons and smart technology, were all transmitted from Above.[1]
    • It would have been impossible for that wisdom to come to that scientist, unless it was illuminated and sparked into his mind from Above.[1]
    • When the period and time came for that wisdom or invention to be revealed in the world, it was transmitted into their minds from Above, in order for it to be revealed in the world.[1]
    • Proof being the many earlier wise scientists who experimented and did not reach that idea or invention.[1]
    • Mostly these arrive through the Other Side and were not sent from the Side of Holiness.[1]
  • All technology is built on the back of previously transmitted knowledge. The ancients were much smarter and wiser then modern scientists. If given the same knowledge, they would have advanced much further with it. However it was not time yet, so this knowledge was hidden from them.[2]

[edit] Technological Advancement in Last Century

  • Since the length of the world in its current state is 6000 years, the great advancements in the last century and the many that will arrive in the near future, fit very well as we are nearing the end of time. This was clearly prophesized by Yishayahu בעתה אחישנה[3] - "in its time I will hasten it".
    • In contrast to absurd atheist claims, where there is no logic to explain how after 'millions of years' of almost nothingness, there is suddenly such progress.[2]
  • Ever increasing technological advances paired with the wickedness and greediness of humans, gives the world at most 200 years before it is totally destroyed. This works perfectly with the 6000 year plan but according to atheists such a pity that the world will come to such a fast abrupt end after 'millions of years'.[2]
    • This short 'life expectancy' of the world, is for the best and will result in the revelations of the Moshiach and very high spiritual states, but must be a very gloomy future for the atheists.[2]

[edit] Technology of the Ancients

  • While the ancients did not have physical technology they had very advanced spiritual / meta physical technologies.[2]

[edit] References

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