House of Love and Prayer Safed

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House of Love and Prayer
House of Love and Prayer
בית אהבה ותפילה צפת
Other Names:
Carlebach Minyan of Tzfat
A center and minyan in Safed run according to the teachings of Shlomo Carlebach.

The House of Love and Prayer in Safed is a new community in Safed. It offers minyonim and events based on the philosophy of the outreach rabbi and musician, Shlomo Carlebach.


[edit] Shlomo Carlebach

Shlomo Carlebach was a successful outreach rabbi who traveled around the world, teaching unaffiliated Jews about their heritage. He was known as the “Singing Rabbi” because he used songs and stories to convey the rich legacy of Judaism. He told stories, taught Torah and created innovative Jewish music in his effort to reach out to Jews who did not connect with their religion.

[edit] The First House of Love and Prayer

In the 1960s Shlomo established the House of Love and Prayer on Arguello Blvd. in San Francisco. He was determined to place himself in the area where he could make a difference to the disenchanted young Jewish hippies who were roaming the area. During those years he succeeded in bringing many Jews of all ages and backgrounds back to their people.

[edit] Carlebach Style and Philosophy

Carlebach died in 1994 but many followers and admirers established “Carlebach minyans” in locations throughout the world. The people who lead these prayer groups make every attempt to adhere to Shlomo’s philosophy of acceptance and inclusion. The services include the many “niggunim” -- tunes -- that Shlomo composed for Sabbath, holiday and day-to-day worship.

[edit] House of Love and Prayer Tzfat

In 2010 some of Carlebach’s followers opened Tzfat’s second Carlebach synagogue. Many of these people had previously been associated with Beirav, but felt that, with the overcrowding at Beirav, it was time to open a second Carlebach venue.

[edit] Location

The House of Love and Prayer is housed on arlozorov st. 102 above the maccabi medical center in the artist colony of safed.

[edit] Philosophy

The members of the House of Love and Prayer garin are followers of Shlomo and infuse the Shlomo spirit and melodies into their prayers. They named their synagogue after the Haight Ashbury house that Shlomo established in 1965 and they include special musical events to encourage unaffiliated and already-affiliated people to worship in the joyous Shlomo tradition. In addition to the regular prayer times the House of Love and Prayer offers an extensive class schedules for both English-speakers and Hebrew-speakers.


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