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Greatness of Hashem

  • A person's awareness of Hashem's greatness is a personal experience that only he perceives in his heart at that moment.[1]
    • It is not tangible and varies from day to day.[1]
    • It is impossible to convey your understanding of Hashem's greatness to another person.[1]
    • Nor is it possible to fully recall your awareness of Hashem's greatness that you experienced on a different day.[1]
  • Hashem's greatness is endless, for there are constantly very wonderous and awesome things occurring in the world, that we are not even aware of at all.[2]
    • It is a high level to reach a point where you acknowledge that you do not know anything at all.[2]
    • This is still limited to your current level of knowledge, where you realize there is a lot more to know, that you do not know. However there are higher levels and aspects of knowledge, that you do not know exist and even begun to acknowledge that that you do not know anything about them.[2]
    • So to there are higher and higher levels.[2]

Serving Hashem

  • Most people must server Hashem out of 'fear of punishment', especially at their start.[3]
    • Without 'fear of punishment' it is impossible to start serving Hashem.
    • Even Tzadikim need to rely on fear since those that can constantly serve Hashem from love are very few.[3]
    • There is a higher level of fear of Hashem's greatness; that Hashem is Master and controls all, but not everyone merits this higher fear.[3]

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